Be the Church Initiative

If Jesus walked in your shoes and had $100 to help someone, how would He use it? Go do that thing!

See a Need, Meet a Need

We all know or have seen someone who is struggling financially due to COVID or other life challenges, and we want to help! This fall, we are unleashing a multitude of Bethelites into our community to serve and encourage our neighbors, friends, extended family…even strangers. 


From October 11 through November 15, we want to mobilize and equip YOU to love on someone who least expects it. If you call Bethel your home church, we invite you to join us in our “Be The Church” Initiative! As an expansion of our benevolence ministry, we’re entrusting you with Bethel Assistance Ministry (BAM) funds to bless the hurting among us. 


How? Go and be the hands and feet of Jesus by creatively spending $100 to support someone in need. Be creative, the sky’s the limit. Bless someone in the most unexpected of ways. Submit your reimbursement with the receipt to Bethel, and we will cut you a check for the $100 you spend!

NOTE: we cannot reimburse for gift cards, and this is not to spend on your own immediate family.


IMPORTANT: Gift cards and cash are not allowed, and we can NOT accept withdrawal receipts. Please submit receipts showing payment of goods services (ex. groceries, car repair, internet bill, etc.).

Need Inspiration?

Provide food for a family for some meals: purchase Costco freezer meals, buy them takeout dinner one night

Pay a utility bill

Pay a medical bill

Pay for someone's prescriptions

Buy items for a Family Fun Night for an overwhelmed family (games, movies, snacks, etc.)

Pay a person (or multiple persons) lay-away bill at a local store like Wal-Mart

Pay for someone's groceries at the store

Equip a single mom with diapers, formula, etc. through our Embrace Grace ministry

Reach out to your child's school: ask a teacher, counselor, or Communities in Schools rep to help you purchase winter coats or other needed items for a family in need

Reach out to a local nursing home or Veteran's facility and ask if anyone there has a financial need you can help meet

Check with the Hospice House about helping a family who has a terminally ill loved one

Make "care kits" and hand them out to the homeless in our community

Look around at your place of work. Do you have a co-worker (or a co-worker's family) who needs help?

Check with a local nonprofit agency and see if they have a family who needs winter coats, boots, school clothes for their children, beds, etc.

Coordinate with your small group to go in together to meet a bigger need for a family (large medical bill, a car repair expense, a new appliance, etc.)


Jesus! You don’t have to say “this is from Bethel” or anything else. We aren’t doing this to get credit, we simply want to encourage you to be creative and love well. This is a no strings attached blessing – all we ask is that you follow the Spirit’s lead. 

No, please do not give cash or cash equivalent (gift cards). You much purchase something that produces a receipt in order for us to reimburse you.

Checks will be cut once per week, towards the end of the week. Keep in mind that it may take a few days in the mail as well.

If you haven’t received a check within two weeks of submitting a reimbursement, email us at to let us know and we will get to the bottom of it.

Then don’t! Don’t bother submitting a reimbursement form and, don’t worry, we won’t send you any money.

Feel free to bless as many people as you want, in any way you want, spending as much money as you want. Bethel will reimburse up to $100 per adult submitting a reimbursement with receipt.

All funds will come out of our benevolence fund, called Bethel Assistance Ministry (BAM). The Bethel community has answered the call to help others during COVID in many ways. In this case, our benevolence fund giving rose nearly 400% in the first several months of the pandemic. 

Mostly yes. The intent of this is to bless people who are in need. We aren’t going to define “in need” for you, but you get the idea. Also, this is for people, NOT organizations - please don’t submit a reimbursement to Bethel for your support of another non-profit.

No. We ask that you NOT use this money for yourself or anyone in your immediate family. The heart behind this is for Bethelites to bless the community, and so we also ask that you NOT use this money on anyone who calls Bethel home. If you or somebody you know at Bethel is in need of assistance, we would love to walk alongside you/them in ways above and beyond a $100 gift. Reach out to us at to learn more about our benevolence ministry and all of the resources available to help Bethelites.

This is for anyone in need. Certainly, COVID has increased the needs in our community, but this initiative is not specific to people impacted by COVID


The last day to submit a reimbursement to Bethel will be November 15, 2020. Of course, you can keep on blessing people as long as you want.

Other Questions?

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