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God's Plan for Moving Forward as a Single Parent


Parenting is hard enough even when you have a spouse to shoulder some of the load but it is significantly more difficult when you have to go it alone.


"God's Plan for Moving Forward as a Single Parent" is a dinner event with free childcare and guest speakers.  It is designed to encourage single parents to hear God’s truths for their lives as single parents, for raising Godly children in a single parent environment, co-parenting/playing both roles as a parent, and dating/remarriage from a biblical standpoint. 



Small Group Leader Questions (May 19, 2019)

May 16, 2019

Being in community, from a biblical standpoint, goes beyond a simple friendship or companionship. Find questions in this resource meant to help you gain a greater understanding and appreciation on how pivotal community is in Christ.

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The Pathway Devotional #8 - Symbiotic

May 16, 2019

One need not look very far to see the Creator’s proclivity toward interdependent systems. Nature’s symbiotic functioning certainly mirrors this truth. Read ahead to learn what this has to do with being a Christ-follower.

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The Pathway Devotional #7 - A Front Row Seat

May 13, 2019

Is God there? Why don't I see Him? Ever felt alone with questions like these echoing throughout your head? Come find out why community may be the cure.

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Journey together.

When you attend a large church like Bethel, being anonymous is fairly easy and might even be exactly what you need. But when you are ready to find your people, small groups are the answer. Small groups are simply three or more people who meet regularly with the purpose of helping each other grow in Jesus.

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