Change lives and expand the Kingdom.

Cultivate is a 2-year capital giving campaign to prepare now for changed lives tomorrow.

From the beginning, our goal at Bethel has been to help people become effective followers of Jesus. Making disciples has many elements: building relationships, modeling godly living, praying for people, teaching what the Bible says, transmitting values, practical training and more. Some of these can be done one-on-one in a living room or on a park bench, others require larger spaces. The Cultivate campaign is about increasing our capacity to do these things and creating the spaces needed to do them well. 


As we have prayerfully considered what changes to make, we have come up with a list of projects. Cultivate follows earlier campaigns over the past few decades that have allowed us to do what God has called us to do. Every time we have launched a campaign, those who call Bethel home have faithfully and sacrificially given to make it happen. The result is that God has changed lives and expanded His Kingdom – here, across the country, and around the world.


We invite each one of you to commit to this opportunity to change lives and expand the Kingdom. We look forward with you to seeing what the Lord will do!


The Bethel Elders

Cultivate Wheat

The Generosity Journey

Financial generosity is more about your heart and less about your money. What would it look like to trust God with your finances?

LUKE 12:34

Take your next step on the Generosity Journey:


I've never financially given to the church in kingdom work, but I'm going to take that step of faith.


Action: Give a financial gift for the first time.

2 COR 9:7, HEB 13:16


I've occasionally given to the church, but I'm going to start regularly giving a set amount.


Action: determine a dollar amount of percentage of income to give regularly.

1 COR 16:2, ACTS 20:35


I've been regularly giving a set amount to the church, but I feel God leading me to be even more generous.


Action: determine a generous amount or percentage level to regularly give to the church.

MATT 6:24, LUKE 12:15


I've invested generously in the church, but God is leading me to sacrificially give.


Action: take a step beyond generosity and sacrificially give to the church.

1 TIM 6:17-19, LUKE 21:1-4

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