Yes! All Cultivate donations will be part of your annual giving statement and are fully tax deductible.

It is NOT possible to designate giving to specific Cultivate projects or by campus. All of the projects are important and it would limit the church’s ability to make campaign scheduling decisions if the money were designated at the project level.

The prayer is that Cultivate will spur the Bethel community by stretching our faith through increased generosity. We see Cultivate as a catalyst for discipleship in each of our lives as we seek to be generous with the resources that the Lord has given us. The hope then is that giving to Cultivate is above and beyond giving to Bethel’s general fund. Historically at Bethel, campaign giving has not decreased giving to the general fund.

The Prosser Ministry Director will be incorporated into the yearly operating budget at the end of the campaign. Sharehouse Youth Initiative is planned to be financially independent. This model of funding new initiatives that are later incorporated into the budget has worked well in the past for Bethel. An example of this was funding the Prosser Campus Pastor salary through “The 13” campaign.

Yes, you can! Bethel can receive donations in various ways. Please read this document for more information.

In October the undeveloped land at Richland campus (approximately 10 acres) was rezoned to a higher residential density, resulting in a meaningful increase in property value. Additionally, we are working with Kennewick Irrigation District (KID) to remove the irrigation pond on the property, which will increase the usable land by more than an acre and also increase the value. Once the pond is removed, we will put the land back on the market.

Although we do expect the Richland land to be sold during Cultivate, proceeds from the sale will be set aside for future projects outside of the scope of the campaign. At the end of the day, the value of the Richland land will be directed towards our mission of making disciples, but there are too many unknown variables to make it part of the campaign.

The debt currently held by Bethel is a combination of finishing the Prosser campus and purchasing the land on Chapel Hill Blvd in West Pasco. While we hold to the wisdom of minimizing debt, we also believe that when managed wisely and stewarded well, debt can be used strategically to help us accomplish our mission. Bethel currently holds approximately $1.15 million in debt. The $750,000 for debt in the Cultivate campaign is the remaining principal balance following 2 years of currently budgeted debt payments.


The Cultivate projects were decided by the Bethel elders with input from staff and campus elders after much prayer and discussion over several months. The projects were agreed on based on both immediate felt need and long-term benefit. We wanted to answer the question, “What is the best use of each campaign dollar that will have the greatest impact on our capacity to make disciples?”

Some of the projects have a natural sequence (e.g. completed new storage units before remodeling the existing storage space on Richland campus). Other projects cannot be completed in the winter (e.g. Prosser playground). At this time, a specific project calendar hasn’t been set and the schedule will be determined over time by the Bethel elders based on the campaign funding pace and emerging needs. All of the construction projects have teams in place and are being planned simultaneously.

West Pasco campus is bursting at the seams with children! Lack of sufficient kids’ space has become a detriment to growth and is having a substantial impact on the ministry. The cost in terms of lost discipleship opportunity is simply too great to wait for a West Pasco campus to be built.

There are a number of variables associated with building a West Pasco campus and determining how it will be funded is not possible at this time. When the time comes, another campaign is possible, but not a certainty.


Bethel has had three campaigns since 2005. NOW ran from 2006 to 2008, NExT was in 2012, and The 13 from 2013 through 2015. The Lord has used these campaigns in many ways for Kingdom work including building Prosser campus, launching many of our global partnerships, completing the Richland children’s wing, and more.

Contact Steven Wallace (Executive Pastor) with any questions related to Cultivate.

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The Generosity Journey

Financial generosity is more about your heart and less about your money. What would it look like to trust God with your finances?

LUKE 12:34

Take your next step on the Generosity Journey:


I've never financially given to the church in kingdom work, but I'm going to take that step of faith.


Action: Give a financial gift for the first time.

2 COR 9:7, HEB 13:16


I've occasionally given to the church, but I'm going to start regularly giving a set amount.


Action: determine a dollar amount of percentage of income to give regularly.

1 COR 16:2, ACTS 20:35


I've been regularly giving a set amount to the church, but I feel God leading me to be even more generous.


Action: determine a generous amount or percentage level to regularly give to the church.

MATT 6:24, LUKE 12:15


I've invested generously in the church, but God is leading me to sacrificially give.


Action: take a step beyond generosity and sacrificially give to the church.

1 TIM 6:17-19, LUKE 21:1-4

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