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Church Wide

INITIATIVES ($750,000)

Loan Payoff

Pay off the remaining debt held by Bethel in order to gain financial freedom for future initiatives

$750,000 (Completed)

next step → the full amount of the loan has been paid off!



Kids Zone Refresh

Make structural changes to create a relational, welcoming, and friendly environment for families

Create a great first impression through an engaging and functional kids wing

next step  finalize needs and plan for space, constructability review, and architectural drawings


Discipleship & Classroom Space

Repurpose roughly 2,500 sq. ft. of storage into discipleship and classroom space

The additional space in the 2nd floor of the children's wing will facilitate new and growing ministry opportunities

next step  finalize needs and plan for space, constructability review, and architectural drawings


Storage Structure

Create storage space on the undeveloped land north of the gym in order to free up space for the Discipleship & Classroom Space remodel

next step  finalize design and architectural drawings





Build a 3,000 sq. ft. playground to attract young families and increase child engagement

next step  finalize plans

Sharehouse Youth Initiative

Invest two years of financial support in an after-school youth center where students are discipled in a safe, loving, and welcoming environment

Support $2,000/month for seven months, then phased to $0/month over 17 months

West Pasco


West Pasco Remodel

Remodel to add classroom and office space

Build a comfortable, distraction-free learning environment for kids to accomodate a growing community that exceeds current capacity

next step  finalize needs and plan for space, constructability review, and architectural drawings


Hispanic Church Support

Send out a vibrant church capable of making disciples in the Hispanic community

Contribute towards a down payment for a permanent home for Cristo La Unica Esperanza (CLUE), a church which currently meets at the West Pasco Campus



As project plans are finalized, this page will be updated with new details and information.

*Project prices are based on current preliminary plans and reflect hired labor. Prices will be adjusted as plans are finalized, quotes received, and volunteer labor accounted for.

Cultivate Wheat

The Generosity Journey

Financial generosity is more about your heart and less about your money. What would it look like to trust God with your finances?

LUKE 12:34

Take your next step on the Generosity Journey:


I've never financially given to the church in kingdom work, but I'm going to take that step of faith.


Action: Give a financial gift for the first time.

2 COR 9:7, HEB 13:16


I've occasionally given to the church, but I'm going to start regularly giving a set amount.


Action: determine a dollar amount of percentage of income to give regularly.

1 COR 16:2, ACTS 20:35


I've been regularly giving a set amount to the church, but I feel God leading me to be even more generous.


Action: determine a generous amount or percentage level to regularly give to the church.

MATT 6:24, LUKE 12:15


I've invested generously in the church, but God is leading me to sacrificially give.


Action: take a step beyond generosity and sacrificially give to the church.

1 TIM 6:17-19, LUKE 21:1-4

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