Equipped to Care During COVID-19

Wednesdays in May

We are living in an unprecedented time right now that can be difficult for all of us to manage. But these challenges are horribly magnified for those who struggle with depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health challenges. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and the church should enter into these dark places to be a light of hope and peace for those who are suffering. Join us every Wednesday night in May at 7P for a one-hour webinar, as we tackle some tough topics together, so we are better equipped to care for ourselves and each other. 

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MAY 13 | Help! My Spouse is Driving Me Crazy!

MAY 20 | Signs of Suicide and Local Resources to Help

MAY 27 | Coping with Loneliness as a Single Adult During COVID-19 Social Distancing


Get tools to care for someone you love.

Equipped to Care is a quarterly biblical training held at Bethel to help educate, equip and support our Bethel body and community around mental health challenges. As we engage and face trials together, we are better equipped to care for each other and those we love. 

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