Annual Family Meeting

JULY 25, 5P


We are created to follow Jesus in community. Every year we come together to worship God, celebrate His work in and through the Bethel family, and hear from our elders and senior pastor as they reflect on the last year and share where they believe God is leading us. We are calling this our Annual Family Meeting (formally called the business meeting) and everyone is invited! If you are new to Bethel or have been attending for a long time we invite you to join us for worship, celebration, vision, church on mission, fellowship, food, and fun! Attend at the Richland campus or go here to watch online.

P.S. If you are a Bethel member, this is when we vote on new elders as well as next year’s budget.

Event Details

July 25


5p-6:15p Family Meeting, 6:15p-7p food/social


Nursery-4th grade


Hot dogs, Bratwurst dogs, chips, fruit, and ice cream


Lawn Chairs (optional)


We will have indoor space from 6:15-7P if needed due to weather


Elder and Deacon Candidates
2021-2022 Proposed Budget

Watch live to see ballot password

  • Votes will be cast for the 2021-2022 budget and elder candidates
  • Bethel members attending in person will cast their votes during the meeting
  • Bethel members watching live online on the 25th will be able to vote online (more information will be provided later about how this will work)
  • Those who watch a recording of the Family Meeting on the 26th or later will not be able to vote
  • Anyone who attends Bethel is encouraged to come, but only Bethel members vote

Steven Wallace, Executive Pastor



Elder Nominee Interviews

Blaine Carr

Brookes August

Derek Dixon

Joel Hill

Paul Van Wyk

Scott Chambers

Tim Oten

Trent Jackson

Chris Beck

Adam Phillips

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