Agape International Missions (AIM)

Watch this video with Agape International Missions (AIM) founders Don and Bridget Brewster to see how COVID-19 has affected girls in Cambodia, and how AIM is fighting to free them from captivity.

Who is AIM?

Bethel’s work in Cambodia is focused on supporting, enabling, and extending the ministry of our in-country partners, Agape International Missions (AIM).  AIM works holistically to end sex trafficking by protecting girls, rescuing the exploited, and empowering survivors.  Defeating a complex, decentralized problem like child trafficking requires a holistic strategy that involves survivors, law enforcement and the community.


AIM’s programs PREVENT sex trafficking, and work to RESCUE, RESTORE and REINTEGRATE survivors of this horrible crime. Through this approach, AIM is committed to lifelong and community-wide transformation that is effective and lasting through the power of the gospel.


How is Bethel Involved with AIM?

The partnership between Bethel and AIM has followed a unique but somewhat logical progression.  The early years were defined by ministry support, or actively engaging in AIM’s Cambodia ministries including Kid’s Club, Health Care Clinic, and the Restoration Home.  As trust and familiarity grew, Bethel had the opportunity to engage more deeply in encouraging the staff through leadership retreats and technical SWAT team support.  Today the relationship between Bethel and AIM is fully transparent allowing for support of their strategic planning efforts, staff development, and technology roadmap design.  Bethel enjoys the privilege of supporting AIM in every part of their ministry and highly values the trusted relationships that have been almost a decade in the making.

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How can you pray for or personally support this ministry?

INFORMED -  Sex trafficking exists throughout the world and is a multi-billion dollar industry. The International Labor Organization estimated that there were 20.9 million people trafficked for forced labor in 2012, and 4.5 million of those were victims of forced sexual exploitation.  In Cambodia, on a daily basis, we witness firsthand that sex trafficking of adults and children is prolific – sometimes in very obvious and visible ways, but more often as part of a dark, underground economy. You can’t help what you don’t know.  We encourage you to learn more about sex trafficking in Cambodia where AIM’s programs are located.


PRAY - “Prayer is a shield to the soul, a sacrifice to God, and a scourge for Satan.” ~ John Bunyan.   Bethel and AIM believe the power of prayer is not in those who pray but in the One who hears our prayers and answers them. There’s both strength and humility in talking to the God of the Universe as we pour out our hearts for His people in His land.


SERVE – Together with AIM, we believe that Christ through His Church will defeat the evil of sex trafficking. We invite you, to join us in this fight! Short-term teams are a great step to seeing AIM’s ministries firsthand and witnessing Jesus’ transformational and healing power.


GIVE – Through giving to Bethel’s Global Missions or supporting AIM directly through The Village, the monthly donor community that is bringing freedom to the exploited in Cambodia. Thanks to our dedicated supporters, we have seen transformation in Cambodia, but to make freedom a reality for thousands more still trapped in exploitation, we need your commitment.

Help Rescue and Rehabilitate Girls in Cambodia
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Key Dates in Partnership
Early 2012

Bethel Global Missions investigates Cambodia and opportunities with AIM.

Spring 2012

Bethel Women’s ministry hosts the first annual “Run for Rescue” (then called Run for Rice).

Fall 2012

AIM’s Clayton Butler invited as a guest speaker to Bethel’s Justice Weekend.

Early 2013

Bethel sends first ministry team for partnership exploration, ministry engagement, and support assessment.


As part of “The Thirteen” strategy, Bethel begins making targeted investment in AIM ministry including the buildout of Rahab’s House Svay Pak (now one of AIM’s Transitional Homes).

2013 to Present

Bethel begins sending 2-4 teams per year with predominate focus in Svay Pak, but growing support to Siem Reep.


Bethel sends one of its own couples to start AIM’s new employment center and Emergency Family Care Program.

2014 to Present

AIM begins sending leadership team members to Bethel annually for speaking, encouragement, and partnership planning.


Bethel supports the new AIM School in Svay Pak by funding classroom buildout of furniture, technology, and supplies.


Bethel hosts the first AIM Family Gathering in the Pacific Northwest with related events throughout the weekend

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