CosmoVision Center - Greece

What does our partner in Greece do?

Our partner at the CosmoVision Center (CVC) is located on ~15 acres in the small town of Koropi, located just 45 minutes from Athens.  The CVC was founded and is run by two brothers, Fotis and George Romeos.  The ministry is focused on three primary missions.


First, they strengthen local evangelical churches in the area by offering the CVC compound as a place of rest, retreat, and relaxation through camps and other events.  Second, the CVC is actively involved in Greek youth outreach in a country where less than 1% of the population is evangelical Christian.  Third, in 2015, the CVC began ministering to refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Africa that were coming to escape the civil wars and persecution based on their faith or religious backgrounds.


In response to these severe needs, the CVC opened a community center specifically for the refugees called HomeSpot.

How is Bethel Involved with CVC?

Bethel teams are put to work in establishing relationships with Muslim refugees and/or assisting with camps located at the CVC.  The CVC has housing for 100 people, dedicated soccer field, and other sports venues.

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What are general ways we can pray for or personally support this ministry?

PRAY – Please uphold the opportunities CVC staff have in their outreach to Muslim refugees. Of primary importance is the need to build trust and relationships necessary to share our faith with those who are coming from a very strong culture. Pray also for those Bethel teams who will be supporting and joining the CVC staff in their ministry opportunities.


SERVE – Prayerfully consider joining a GO Team serving with the CVC. Participants often return talking about the culture and history of Greece, while beginning to form relationships with Muslim people for the first time.


GIVE – You can contribute directly to this ministry. Contact Bethel’s Global Outreach department if interested.

May 2018

Bethel initial vision trip to explore partnership

March 2019

First Bethel short term mission trip to CVC to minister to Muslim refugees

March-May 2019

First Bethel volunteers serve at the CVC for three months

June 2019

Bethel sends young adult teams, followed by women's team to serve Muslim children and women

January 2020

Planned team support CVC winter camp

April 2020

Planned team to minister to Muslim refugees at "HomeSpot"

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