What does our partner in India do?

This is a Creative Location so we don’t include names/places. Our partnership in India is three-fold in their ministry. The non-profit side actively works among university students, connecting them to volunteer projects in slum areas. This provides gospel relationships to be built both with students and within the slum communities. The church side fosters outreach to the community and a church planting strategy into several slum areas. Finally, the for-profit component reaches into the hard to reach middle class by providing unique services and opportunities.

Girl on dock.

How is Bethel involved with this partner?

Bethel teams serve in array of diverse ways in this dynamic ministry. Our teams work with:

  • kids clubs in slums
  • medical camps in under-resourced communities
  • events with university students (students speak English!)
  • church service support and participation
  • training to address identified needs

What are general ways we can pray for or personally support this ministry?

PRAY - Please uphold all the ministry opportunities our Partner pursues. In addition to their own community of University students, professors, and slum families, they passionately target an Unreached People Group in their region. Pray for provision of needed resources for the work and for adequate facilities to host activities in an area where high population pressures space. Pray for protection and for in-roads for church plants in slum communities. Pray for the Bethel family serving with them.


SERVE - Prayerfully consider joining a GO Team serving with this partner. Participants often describe ministering here as an experience like living out the Book of Acts! 


GIVE - You can contribute directly to this ministry or specifically to their church planting fund, which sponsors church planters and helps with facility expenses and supplies. Contact Bethel’s Global Outreach department if interested.

April 2017

Bethel initial vision trip to explore the partnership.

Feb 2018

First Bethel ministry and medical team to partner.

June 2018

Partner visit to Bethel and Experience India global event.


Bethel sends three Global Outreach teams throughout the year.

Global Outreach Partners
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