Bethel Group Life

Come Aboard! A Bethel Small Group Journey

Climbing aboard the Zobel Craft, fourteen souls, including Captain Neil and his First Mate, Ruth, settled in for a voyage.


“Good afternoon, mates,” the Capt. began. “Today, our tour takes us across the Persian Gulf. Read the guide I wrote for you and discuss it during our trip. Of utmost importance, we need to arm ourselves before entering Susa. Stored beneath your seats is a full set of armor for each of you. Please buckle up and place your headsets on.”



Journey together.

When you attend a large church like Bethel, being anonymous is fairly easy and might even be exactly what you need. But when you are ready to find your people, small groups are the answer. Small groups are simply three or more people who meet regularly with the purpose of helping each other grow in Jesus.

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