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Bethel Ministry Academy intern

This year we have partnered with universities that provide students a free class while doing their internship (practicum) with Bethel Church. Along with these free credits, students receive discounted tuition.

Students are required to spend a minimum 8 hours per week with their director, attend any in-person academic classes, meet with a mentor once a week, be involved in small groups, attend Young Adults nights, and lastly attend Ministry Essentials Monday-Thursday. Essentially, this experience is in equal time commitment to an on-campus college experience. 

You can contact and get connected with program leadership

There is a part-time and full-time option for the Bethel Ministry Academy. Part-time requires a minimum of one class (preferably bible class) at a university level.

Ministry Essentials is held at the Bethel Church Richland, in the new Ministry Academy Lounge.

Tuition varies depending on course load, Gather4Him $186 per credit hour FAFSA eligible, NorthwestU $316 eligible

This is called the part-time ministry academy experience. We require all students to, at a minimum, attend one bible class at either Gather4Him or Northwest University. This is because we believe in and value the word of God and hope that through this program you will grow in a depth of knowledge in Christ and in the word.

This program is for anyone who feels the call to ministry and has no idea what the next step is. This program is also for people who want a dynamic, alternative way to learn and pursue their University degree. This program is also for those who are taking a gap year.

Yes, but only on a case by case basis.


Bethel Ministry Academy

Anderson, Patrosky
Bethel Next-Gen Dir.
Vickerman, Taylor
Bethel High School Associate Dir.


Education, Experience, Exposure.

Bethel Ministry Academy exists to empower young people who feel the call to ministry by providing partnered, reduced tuition at Gather 4 Him and Northwest University. You will experience Jesus in a new and deeper way through weekly "Ministry Essentials" class as well as being involved in small groups and Bethel Young Adults. You will also have an opportunity to be exposed to ministry by being paired with a ministry director to intern with. 

Bethel Ministry Academy Interns
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