One Church.

We decided on the name “One” for our next vision because it represents the heart of who we are at Bethel.  We have 3 locations (Richland, Prosser, West Pasco) but we are ONE church.  We provide a host of ministries and activities inside and outside the church, but we all have ONE mission and that is to make disciples!

One Mission.

"Make Disciples" has always been our legacy and mission as a church, and this hasn’t changed.  In fact, this vision renews our commitment to the words Jesus Himself gave us in Matt 28.19-20. The bigger we get as a church and the more our culture changes, the more we must recognize the need to always find ways to be effective in discipling every generation. 

Our Pathway.

To fulfill this mission faithfully, we want to make discipleship accessible and help our church invite others on the journey with us. So, we are introducing The Pathway. Think of The Pathway like road signs along the highway that tell you where you are and where you need to go next. It provides seven steps that we believe help us to grow as dsciples. 


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