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For the 3630


Relationships Not Checklists

The 1% life is about intentionally investing in three vital relationships; our relationship with God, with God’s people, and with the world.


What do we mean by 1%?

  • 1% of your day ~ 15 minutes a day invested in your relationship with God through bible engagement and prayer.
  • 1% of your week ~ 90 minutes a week where you choose to gather with the local body of Christ in a worship gathering.
  • 1% of your month ~ 7 hours a month (1:45 mins/week) in life-on-life community that you are committed to.
  • 1% of your year ~ 4 days a year where you are consistently living on mission in your home, neighborhood, region, and world.

Now remember, the 1% challenge is only a starting point. It’s not the target. The target is to faithfully follow Jesus by deepening the three relationships we’ve identified. But we are convinced that if you embrace the 1% life as a starting point, the other 99% of your life will be changed forever

As we individually develop and deepen our relationship with God, the church, and the world, there will be cumulative effect as the 1% ME becomes the 1% WE.


As a church, we are taking the challenge to live the 1% life in order to see 1% of our region transformed by Jesus. There are approximately 363,000 people that reside in the Tri-Cities and Lower Valley and we are praying that 1% of our region, 3630 people, will be transformed over the next five years.

For the 3630

THE 3630


The 3630 are people that we know and some that we will get to know in the places where we live, work, and play.


God has placed each of us in relational networks; family that you have, people that you work with, businesses that you frequent, neighbors that you see.


We want you to think about the people in these places who don’t yet know Jesus, need to grow in their relationship with Jesus, or need to be activated in the mission of Jesus in the world.


Think about praying for your portion of the 3630; begin serving them, inviting them to experience gospel-community, and actually speaking the gospel to them.

We are going to the 3630

We Are Going

From Stagnant to Sent

Transform Your Relationship with God


Scripture-based podcasts that coincide with the One % Life curriculum, 5 days a week.


Bible-reading curriculum and discussion questions. Request Curriculum Book »

Transform Your Relationship with The Church


An 11-week small group experience. The best way to build relationships with Bethel people.


If you've already completed Rooted join an existing small group! Contact us for info.

Transform Your Relationship with the World


Practical training that prepares you to be sent into the world. More classes coming soon.


Join a global team to transform lives in India, Mexico, Greece, Haiti, Cambodia, and more.


Join us in serving people in need at Bethel or with one of our local partners.


Has Your Life Been Transformed?

We want to celebrate with you!

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