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As many of you know, Jason and Haley, along with their family, moved to  Washington over 7 years ago to be part of this church. They left family, lifelong-friends, and their previous ministry context behind at God’s leading for Jason to become the Campus Pastor in Prosser. The Lord has used Jason in various roles over the last seven years as we’ve gone through multiple leadership transitions and a pandemic. Coming out of COVID, their family felt an increased need for family support. This led them to explore a ministry opportunity within striking distance of family. An opportunity that only the Lord could orchestrate presented itself for them to relocate to the East Coast. After prayerful consideration, they felt this was the Lord’s provision for them.

Jason’s last Sunday preaching will be July 3, 2022. The July 3 Sunday service will also be the farewell for the Greene family. Jason and Haley’s desire is to have their children at their new location at the beginning of the next school year mid-August.

Jason will be serving on the pastoral team at a church in South Carolina.

To be clear, there were absolutely no issues regarding Jason’s character or reputation. This was a family-first decision and we fully anticipate that the Lord will use them to bless this new ministry context as He has used them here.

All updates, announcements, and any other information related to both the Greenes' transition as well as developments in the search for Bethel’s next senior pastor will be posted on this webpage.  If you are personally receiving questions about the transition, feel free to direct people to this webpage.

Adam Phillips was announced as the presumptive senior pastor candidate on June 19. We plan for his candidacy to become official by July 3 so that Bethel members can vote during the July 17 Annual Family Business Meeting. Between now and July 17, Adam will continue a vetting process that involves members of Bethel’s congregation, staff, and elders. Additionally, Adam will be preaching live streamed to all campuses on July 10 and 17, and an open time for the congregation to ask Adam questions will be scheduled in the first half of July. Per Bethel Constitution and Bylaws, only Bethel members have the authority to hire a Senior Pastor while the Bethel Elders guide the candidacy process. Announcements will continue to be made regularly to the Bethel body and this webpage will be updated accordingly.

God will work this search out in His timing. We need to follow Jesus’s lead. However, if all goes well, presumptive nominee Adam Phillips will be confirmed as Bethel's next senior pastor during the July 17 Annual Family Business Meeting.

Our mission of “making disciples” continues to be the core of who we are. As a church family, we are taking the challenge to live the 1% life, intentionally investing in three vital relationships: our relationship with God, with God’s people, and with the world. And, as we seek collectively to grow in these discipleship relationships, we become a 1% church. We will continue to step forward in faith, pursuing our strategic aim to see 1% of our region transformed over the next five years.  That’s approximately 3630 transformed lives that we are praying for and strategically pursuing. 

First and foremost, we will continue to submit to the Lord and place a tremendous effort into prayer and discerning God’s will for Bethel. Bethel is an “elder-led” church, meaning we have Biblically qualified men serving as elders who will continue to carry leadership responsibility and ensure that we remain true to our mission of “making disciples”. Additionally, we have many excellent pastors and staff who provide day-to-day leadership of Bethel’s various ministries. We are currently exploring alternative models of staff leadership that may be a better fit for Bethel based on the leaders we have, lessons learned from the past, and best practices for multisite churches. Any changes to the church staff leadership structure will be shared at the July 17, 2022 Annual Family Business Meeting.

Please be praying for Bethel as we anticipate adding Adam Phillips as the new senior pastor, and pray for the Phillips family as they prepare for a major change in Adam's role at Bethel. Please pray that as a church we would focus on the mission, actively living out the one % life for the sake of the 3630.  Let us be mutually committed to honor God, and honor one another through this transition as we seek out what God has for us both in this season and next. 

The best place is to ask is through our main contact form, where your question will be forwarded to the appropriate person to answer. Or, feel free to contact any of the Bethel or campus elders directly.

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