Prayer Experience

Richland Campus


JUNE 4, 6:30P

Richland Campus

West Pasco

JUNE 5, 6:30P

Richland Campus


JUNE 6, 6:30P

About the In-Car Prayer Experience

After two months of not being able to meet together, we really miss you! But we're really excited to let you know that we have an in-car prayer experience coming up. This will be one of the first times in a long time that we've been able to physically gather as a church, and it's going to be totally different than anything we've ever done before.


Each campus will be participating in a unique, in-car prayer experience. It will be 20-25 minutes long and it's for the whole family. Richland will meet on June 4, West Pasco on June 5, and Prosser on June 6, and each event will take place at 6:30P.


Prayer guides will be available for download in the days leading up to the events, and we encourage you to have one available when you attend. See you there!

Prayer Guide


We are so glad you are here and have made time in your day to come together to pray. We understand there may be a deep desire to get out of your cars and fellowship with others, but in order to follow current guidelines, we are asking everyone to remain in your vehicles for the duration of the event.

If you can’t attend in person please pray over the prayer points at home and if you have prayer requests please email them to


What to Expect

• As you pull into the church you will be guided by parking lot personnel to a designated area.


• Once your designated area has filled up, a person(s) will hold up a sign letting your designated area know it is time to begin


• From there you will be led through a series of 4 prayer prompts, each lasting 5 minutes in length


• Between each prayer prompt a person will be holding up a card with a message indicating it is time to move to the next prayer prompt


• These cards will highlight the theme for that prayer period as well as a couple of key verses for guidance


• At the conclusion of the 4 prayer periods, you will have the option of being prayed for by elders, prayer partners and staff (if you choose not to have someone pray for you, you can leave  following the exit signs)


• Before you leave please spend a minute reading over the “Next Steps"



Once you have parked, wait for the cue card “Ready, Set, Go – Let’s Start” before beginning. We would like to pray through the prayer prompts simultaneously with others in your designated areas.

Dismissal / Intercessory Prayer



• Once you are ready to go, simply follow the parking lot personnel’s directions to the exit


• Also, please be mindful of the prayer representatives that will be making their way through the parking lot at the conclusion of the 4 prayer prompt

Intercessory Prayer


• To receive prayer simply stay in your parking space after dismissal and one of our designated prayers will make their way to your car


• The prayer representative will approach your car on the passenger’s side


• Please roll down your window on the passenger’s side and share your prayer requests


• Take as much time as you need, we are here for you

Next Steps

• Find 5 minutes of time this week just listening to God


• Start by asking Him if there is anything He is wanting you to do based on our prayers today


• Sit with a writing utensil and paper to record what He gives you 


• Then, go do it! If you have doubts as to whether it is the Lord, contact some people you spiritually trust and vet it together against the scripture

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