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Season of Power

Acts 5:12-42

Jun 26, 2022  |  Dave Dawson

The Best Is Yet To Come

Ruth 4:13-22

In week 6 of the Ruth sermon series, we are going to talk about how grace and sin are two constant threads in the stories of people in Scripture and how God tells His story through those people. Generational faithfulness matters because a legacy of the grace of God unfolds throughout the testimonies of people. Ruth’s life and story were not so she would be remembered as Boaz’s wife but so that God would use her to point to the greater Boaz…the greater Kinsman Redeemer.

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God In Our Perfect Redeemer

Ruth 4:1-16

In week 5 of the Ruth sermon series we see that the story of Ruth reminds us that the Gospel is not just practical but also beautiful. It is a beautiful act of redemption because Jesus is our perfect Redeemer. Ruth was given a new identity because she let Boaz work on her behalf. Boaz fulfilled the role of kinsman redeemer in Ruth’s life and Christ has fulfilled the prophecy of Savior of the world. Christ has paid the ultimate price and bought us with His blood. He has given us a new identity as sons and daughters.

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God In Our Decisions

Ruth 2:20-3:18

In week 4 of the Ruth series, we will talk about God’s sovereignty in our pursuit of purity. God brought Ruth and Boaz together and they both honored God by responding in purity. They both had the Godly traits that made them ready to honor God together. We can follow the example of Ruth and Boaz by knowing that we are complete in Christ and not in need of someone else to make us whole.

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God In Our Provision

Ruth 2:14-20

In week 3 of the Ruth series, we will look at God’s provision in Ruth 2:14-19. God had sovereignly placed Ruth in Boaz’s field and then provided for her. Ruth had not been sulking about her situation or blaming anyone else. She was grateful for the kindness God was showing to her through Boaz.

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God Is In The Details

Ruth 1:19-2:14

In the second week of the Ruth series, we see Naomi and her daughter-in-law Ruth return to where Naomi had first experienced God’s care. The Lord allowed Naomi to be emptied of herself and her plans so that He could come in. We also see that God was staging a comeback of His own.

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God Is In Our Pain

Ruth 1:1-18

In the first week of the Ruth series, we will unpack the sovereignty of God in the midst of pain. Ruth and Naomi were real women who experienced much pain. They had to make hard decisions and had the opportunity to run from God or trust Him. God allowed them to experience pain just as He does for us today, but His goodness did not change then and does not change now. He uses pain for our good and for His glory.

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