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FCA Soccer

Starting Fall of 2022 youth soccer on Bethel's campus is now powered by FCA Sports. FCA's programs introduce athletes to the game at an early age and quickly enable them to build their skills, speed, strength, and stamina. Our vision is to see our FCA Soccer players develop mentally, athletically, spiritually, and socially, into complete athletes who excel both on and off the field. FCA Soccer leagues offer a full season of practices and games, with rules and game structures in place to maximize opportunities that each player has with the ball.

**Registration for Fall 2022 Soccer is CLOSED**

FCA Soccer


Bethel's FCA Soccer program occurs in the Fall of each year.

Eligible soccer players are boys & girls, aged Pre-K through Grade 6.

Please note that soccer players must be age 4 by August 31st.  

Soccer Season consists of 9 weeks of practice and 7 games.

Teams are assigned a weekly practice night. Practices are one hour long and always occur on the same night of the week.

Games, too, are just a one-hour commitment and occur on Saturdays. Game times may vary from week to week.

  • Early to mid May - Registration (CLOSED for Fall '22)
  • July 1 -- Early registration pricing ends
  • July 29 -- Registration Ends
  • August 29 -- First week of practices
  • September 10 -- First game day
  • October 15 -- End of season celebration
  • October 22 -- Final regular season games
  • October 29 -- 5th/6th Grade Division Tournament
  • Reversible Jersey
  • Soccer Shorts
  • Soccer Socks

Next Steps to Coach!

We are so excited you are signing up to coach with Tri-Cities FCA Soccer. In order to protect the safety of our athletes, if you are a coach of any kind, you need to complete an FCA Ministry Leader Application (MLA), a safe, secure online background check and complete Safe Sport Training. This must occur once every two years.

There are 4 steps to completing the coach's verification process. 

Step 1: Click here to complete and submit your FCA Ministry Leader Application (MLA). 

Step 2: Click here to register for your background check, waivers and training. (This is just the registration step. See Step 3 for the actual submission and viewing.) 

Step 3: After receiving an email from Player’s Health Protect (it should arrive within 24-48 hours … check your spam folder), fill out the background check info and watch 5 short videos to finish your coach verification process. 

Step 4: Receive your certificate of completion and save it on your computer for future reference and use. (If you coach again within two years, you can use the certificate number to bypass training.) 


If you have any issues during this process or do not receive the login instructions, please email support@playershealthprotect.com. They will assist you with the process. 

Each of these steps must be completed to be eligible to coach with FCA Sports.

For general questions about coaching with FCA Sports email: tfarley@fca.org


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