Community (The Pathway)

posted by Church Bethel | Apr 29, 2019

Yes, its messy. Sometimes hard.  We simply can’t escape it. We all live in communities…at work, at school, in our neighborhood, through our church and clubs.  We even live in a virtual community now. 

Though we champion independence and proudly pretend to stand on our own two feet, the reality is that we need one other.  In fact, we are interdependent on each other to experience the best possible life. 

The question we have to ask is not whether or not we will live a life connected to others, but whether we will live well in connection with others. We often say life is better together.  It is not just a slogan, it’s a belief that we know we need relationships to navigate a changing world.

It’s never too late to get this right.  And it’s more important now than ever to experience God’s will for our life in community. 


Discover, Deepen and Deploy

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In English, fellowship simply carries with it the meaning of friendship or companionship but in Greek, that’s not how they would have heard it. The word in Greek is Koinonia. This word is used in several different contexts and can be translated in a few different ways.



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The Pathway Devotional #13 - Shoe Boxes

Jun 4, 2019

What does shoe boxes have to do with multiplication? We are in our final week of The Pathway and this Sunday's conversation is set to unpack the multiplication component. Explore how God can do this with something even as simple as a shoe box.


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