Time to Re-Label!

posted by Bethel Women | Aug 2, 2021

Time to Re-Label!

by Amy Thornton

Re-Label? What does that mean? Is that even a word? LOL! Well, if it isn't, we are making it one. Ladies, it is about time we rip off, trade in and demolish the destructive, deceitful and demoralizing labels we grab hold of, stick to ourselves, and wear as a means to define who are we. It's time to trade in the labels the enemy, the world and our flesh slap on us, and instead receive the labels of Truth, found in His Word. Now, more than ever, we must know Who and where our true identity, worth and value comes from. It comes from Christ alone!

Understanding who we are and who we are not, what our beliefs are, and where our worth and value lies, effects EVERY aspect of our lives. It affects decisions we make, places we go do or don't go, and relationships we engage in or run away from. It affects how we respond to rejection or hurt, the temptations we may fall for, where we run to numb our pain or find comfort, and it affects where we search for acceptance and significance. The labels we adhere to in our lives matter a lot - in fact, they can matter for all eternity.

If our identity is not anchored in the truth of who our Heavenly Father says we are, understanding that we bear His image and that our worth lies in His willingness to give His own life for ours, we will be tossed around violently in this storm of life. Let's fight to peel back the stickiness of the lies and battle to re-label, re-define and view ourselves as our Master does - as His Beloved, Treasured, and Precious Daughters.

When we accept and believe in the person and work of Jesus Christ and His saving grace, we become a new creation who is free to live out the beautiful purposes He has destined and created us for. When we begin to embrace the beauty of who we are created to be by our Creator's design, we are free to love and celebrate those around us and live out the purposes He has in store for us. This is of course a process that is on-going, and Re-labeling is a part of that process.

So, let's begin today by seeking who God says we are as Believers and Daughters of the Most High King. Open Ephesians 1 and 2, and choose 2-3 Truths of who He says you are. Post them, write them on your mirror, put them on your fridge. Yep, sister, go ahead and Re-Label your space to reflect Who You Really Are: Loved, Treasured, Accepted and Precious in His Sight!

Bethel Women, join us on August 19 at 7P in the HUB at the Richland Campus forĀ Summer Together: Re-Labeled. We will hear more from Amy and together we'll look at the labels we put on ourselves and the ones others add, and how they often become our identity. Let's shed those those labels and put on the ones that Jesus gives us! We can't wait to see you!

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