It’s ok not to be the one to fix everything

posted by Bethel Care & Compassion | Aug 24, 2021

Being a member of Bethel Church for more than 23 years, I’ve been blessed many times and the Stephen Ministry has been one of those blessings. It took some time for me to receive a care receiver after graduating from the training, but when one was found for me it was one that I found to be challenging and a blessing. Through all the meetings and prayers, the care receiver found themselves not alone in the walk they were taking and learned so many tools to put their life back on track.  I was able to learn something about myself.  It’s ok not to be the one to fix everything.  God is in charge and He is the one who does the fixing: therefore, my job was so easy just being a friend and listening. Listening is the most important skill to learn.  Stephen Ministry has been so fulfilling in my life. I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Brian- Stephen Ministry Care Giver

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