The Great Outdoors

posted by Dave Stevanus | May 1, 2019

I have many memories of the men in my life who have shaped and formed me. My dad, my grandpa, coaches and friends are all people who have influenced my life. A friend and mentor who shaped my early ministry days often said “men become men in the company of men”. I believe that is true for most of the men I know. 

Most of the things that I really enjoy happen outdoors. From playing baseball, fishing, hunting and camping, I enjoy the outdoors. A major element of enjoying the outdoors has been the time spent with friends. Whether with teammates on the field or with a few buddies on the water or in the woods, community is a big part of the fun. All of the things that I have learned about hunting and fishing have been taught by other men. My wife actually got mad at me once for not going fishing. She knew I needed a break but when she asked why I didn’t go, I told her that both of the guys who were to join me had cancelled. I’m not opposed to going on my own but that day, I needed the outdoors but I needed to go with my friends more.

We live in a society that continues to push us away from interaction with other people. We text, message and email way more than we talk to people. We continually push away from the kind of relationships that really built men in the past. In years past boys came of age and went out with men to work and hunt and fish to sustain their people. Those boys learned the skills that they needed to work and be productive. They learned to relate with men and do “man things” together. 

However, one place, one thing that remains available to us is the outdoors. It’s not the only place where men learn to be men but it’s a really good place. I once heard the outdoors described as “God’s playground for men”. That’s a great description. When we are in the outdoors, we can look around to enjoy and be thankful for what God has created for us to be a part of.          

God created an amazing world for us to explore, enjoy and take care of. He also created people to be in community. There are many men who live here in the Tri-Cities who enjoy the outdoors. Some of these men are part of local churches and some are not. It really isn’t a stretch to think that men in the church and men who aren’t in church can come together and enjoy the outdoors together. So, why doesn’t the church to something to promote the love of the outdoors? Well, on May 18 at the Pasco campus we are doing just that. You are invited to the Pasco Great Outdoors Beast Feast.

The Great Outdoor Beast Feast will be held at the Pasco campus from 4pm to 8pm. There will be speakers who will share stories of the outdoors, food and door prizes all for the low cost of nothing. All you are asked to do is register.

Our hope is that men from our community will come be part of a fun event that is meant to celebrate our love for the outdoors and to meet some new folks that share our passion.

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