One % Life Curriculum FAQ

posted by Bethel Group Life | Sep 9, 2021

Why the One % Life?

As we consider Jesus’ life, we see that His life revolved around three relationships: His relationship with His Father, His relationship with the disciples, and His relationship with those who were far from God. 

The three relationships that Jesus prioritized will be the three relationships that we prioritize and grow in. For us, this  begins by developing a personal, dynamic relationship with God. It continues as we grow in our relationship with the people of God. And the third relationship that we need to cultivate is a relationship with those who are far from God. 

So, how do you grow in these relationships? These relationships grow through time, intentionality and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

We are convinced that if you start with just 1% of your day, your week, your month and year devoted to growing in these relationships, that the other 99% of your life will be transformed.

What do we mean by One %? 

One % of your day… approximately 15 minutes a day invested in your relationship with God through bible engagement and prayer.

One % of your week… approximately 90 minutes a week where you choose to gather with the local body of Christ in a worship gathering.

One % of your month… approximately 7 hours a month (1:45 mins/week) in life-on-life community that you are committed to.

One % of your year… approximately 4 days a year where you are consistently living on mission in your home, neighborhood, region, and world.

How does the One % Life tie into the 3630?

One % ME to One % WE: We invite you to take the One % challenge to live the One % life. And as we seek collectively to grow in our relationship with God, the church, and the world, we will become a One % church. 

In recent days, Bethel leadership has been seeking the Lord to discern the right approach for this new chapter of Bethel Church. As we prepare to step forward with faith into the new season ahead, we are more excited than ever to see all that God has in store for our future.

We should not settle for anything less than the global goal of our God: the spread of His glory in our communities, region, nation and world. Our strategic aim over the next five years is to see 1% of our region transformed. That’s approximately 3630 transformed lives that we are praying for and strategically pursuing. Will you join us as we strive together as one body for the accomplishment of God’s mission in the world?

What is the format?

  • There is a weekly focus that is broken down into daily readings.
  • In addition, there is a daily Bible engagement (using HEAR) and prayer (using PRAY) component.
  • Weekly Extra Credit: At the end of each week we provide small group questions, family discipleship questions and a challenge or two.

Is this the right choice for my small group?

  • Yes! 
  • By the end of the study, the basic rhythms of walking as a follower of Jesus are established. This creates a foundation for continued maturity and health. 
  • Challenges - these are weekly opportunities to go deeper into the topics 
  • You will learn reproducible tools that will be helpful not only to you, but to those you will come alongside and help grow as disciples. 
  • The 1% life creates a common experience and develops shared language with your small group and among our church family. 

I Still Have Questions or Concerns

We’d love to connect with you, listen to your concerns or answer any questions you might have. Feel free to call the church office (509-628-0150) or email

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