The Pathway Devotional #4 - Experience

posted by Church Bethel | May 2, 2019

Mensy and Yousy
The Beginning of a Lifelong Journey with the King

In summer of 2016 some Bethelites hosted university students from East Asia who had internships in the Tri-Cities.  Jeff and Tracey volunteered to host a student for 2½ weeks.  That student was Mensy, who is very cheerful, full of curiosity, and loves to learn.  She loved the program and learning from her host families about their lives and American culture.  She particularly liked visiting Bethel church services on Sunday morning and meeting all of the friendly people.  Mensy forged lasting friendships with her host families and many other people from Bethel.  

In August of 2018 Mensy began a year-long student teaching adventure at a private Catholic school in Pasadena, CA.  It was this experience that gave her an idea of how to help her younger sister Yousy, who was struggling in China.  If Mensy could find a host family for Yousy, she thought Yousy might do better in the United States secondary school system.  Having kept in touch with her host family in the Tri-Cities, Mensy asked if and how they might be able to help.  Jeff and Tracey prayed and talked it over. They called Mensy and offered to be a host family for Yousy for the 2018/2019 school year.  Yousy arrived in the Tri-Cities not long after. 

Mensy used her school’s spring break to come to the Tri-Cities and visit her sister.  This also happened to be during the recent Easter holiday.  Jeff and Tracey were quick to invite them both to the Good Friday Night of Worship.  Both Mensy and Yousy were very moved by the story of Jesus and the worship that unfolded that night.  They both wanted to participate in the invitation to nail a burden on the cross at that service.

After the service, Mensy and Yousy asked if they could speak with a pastor.  It just so happens Bethel has a pastor fluent in Mandarin, the two girls’ mother tongue.  They met with the pastor the following afternoon.  After speaking with them in their native language, explaining truths, expounding on the love of God and showing how it all comes back to Jesus God’s Son, Mensy and Yousy prayed and asked Jesus to be their Savior.  

The next day was Easter Sunday.  Only this time Jeff, Tracey, Mensy, and Yousy were for the first time truly celebrating the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ together!  Praise be to God who still offers grace and forgiveness through Jesus, and who uses all kinds of people and circumstances to accomplish His purposes!

It is always interesting to see how the hand of God moves over time in the lives of those who accept His Son.  Reflect on how the Lord orchestrated things in your life to get you where you are now.  Think on how He is using you now to serve as a catalyst in someone’s journey to salvation. 

  1. Write a prayer expressing your gratitude for God’s pursuit of you and others. 
  2. Thank Him for His faithfulness to you and offer yourself to Him as a vessel to be used to reach others once again.
  3. Thank Him for the things He has done here at Bethel and for events such as Night of Worship on a Good Friday that led to salvation of two very precious souls.


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