Honoring Veterans

posted by Bethel Communications | Nov 9, 2021

Do you know the history of Veterans Day? Originally called Armistice Day in honor of those who served in World War I, Congress officially renamed the holiday to Veterans Day in June of 1954. Observed on November 11th of each year, many take time to reflect on the sacrifice of our military members and honor their commitment to our country. Today, we encourage you to find a way to honor Veterans in your own life and community. Here are four ideas to get you started:

Pray for them
Take a moment to honor our Vets through prayer. Besides the sacrifice of time and safety, many Vets have witnessed tragedy. Asking God for a blessing of peace and comfort in addition to expressing gratefulness is a powerful way to honor those who have served.

Write a thank you card
Whether you know a Veteran personally or not, a simple thank you card goes a long way. Expressing your gratitude for their service, recognizing their sacrifice, as well as encouraging them with prayer is a meaningful show of support. Don't know a Veteran? Consider sending a letter to your local military recruitment center or nearest base.

Find ways to serve them
Offering to complete a project, dropping off some cookies, or sharing a meal are just a few ways you can serve a Veteran. Set aside some time to honor your local Vets through acts of service this week.

Ask to hear their stories
While war is a difficult experience, many Veterans enjoy sharing about their time serving. If you know someone who has served, set aside some time to hear their story and thank them for their service.

However you choose to honor those who have served, setting aside some time to recognize their sacrifice is incredibly meaningful.

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