Small Group Questions (November 7, 2021)

posted by Bethel Group Life | Nov 10, 2021

Share a childhood hero or someone you used to admire. Why did you look up to that person so much? Now who is a hero in your life or someone you admire? How has that changed over the years? 

(Note: Due to the nature of this sermon series, the discussion questions will be the same for the first four weeks of the By Faith series. Some questions can be asked each week. Others, you might want to pick and choose which week you will ask them. You will receive a new activity, prayer prompt, and application each week.)
  1. How, in the sermon or in your time reading and praying this past week, has the Lord encouraged/convicted/spoken to you? 
  2. Read Hebrews 11:1. In your own words how would you define faith? Describe a real-life example of faith in your own life. How have you shown faith this week? (See Rom 10:17, Gal 5:6)
  3. Who is someone in your life you consider of great faith and what about them causes you to feel this way? Do you feel you are an inspiration of faith to someone else? Why or why not? (See Heb 11:2,13-16,39,40, Rom 1:8, Rom 16:19)
  4. Read Hebrews 11:6. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Why do you think faith is so important to God?
  5. What impacted you about this week’s character (Abraham, Moses, Rahab, or Abel)?
  6. As each specific character is mentioned in Hebrews, the Old Testament is referenced. Find the Old Testament reference and read it in its original context. What qualities of that character parallel that of Jesus? Can you point to areas in your life that model these same qualities? Please share.
  7. What are some things in your life that you have put greater faith and trust in than God?
  8. Is there a circumstance in your life in which you struggle to have faith in God? What is it? What holds you back?
  9. What are some ways we can teach our children, grandchildren, and other young people in our life about faith?

Prayer Prompt
The Gospel can be illuminated in many ways as we study scripture. The heroic attributes that we admire in the Old Testament “heroes of faith” are all found in our Lord and Savior Jesus. He came to redeem what no one in the Old Testament could do for mankind. Spend some time in prayer with adoration for what Jesus has done, acknowledging that without Him, we would be without hope and thus are eternally grateful. 

Based on your response to question 8, determine a small step of faith to take this next week and share it with your small group.

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