Small Group Questions (November 21, 2021)

posted by Bethel Group Life | Nov 19, 2021

What is an item that you use daily that you are confident or assured will work when you use it? For what
reason do you have confidence in this item?

Discussion Questions
  1. Luke 7:1-10 What aspect of faith can you deduce from this passage? (Intent: Highlights the importance of understanding related to our faith; in this case it is the understanding of the Authority/Power of Christ)
  2. Mt. 15:21-28 What aspect of faith can you deduce from this passage? (Intent: Humility seems to be the aspect of faith that is highlighted in this passage.)
  3. Mk. 5:25-34 There were many who believed Jesus could heal that were in proximity to him, touching him, bumping into him that day. What was different about this woman with the issue of blood and what aspect of faith can be learned from this encounter? (Intent: Persistence/desperation seems the defining factor in this expression of faith. An “at-all-costs” mentality was evident in her action.)
  4. Describe a time of desperation in your life. Did you pursue God with an “at-all-cost” mentality or turn toward other things? (Intent: Getting group members to dig deeper in who or what they are putting their faith in during times of struggle. What is their gut response during desperate times? Are they relying on their own ability to carry themselves through hard times or desperately seeking God for help?)
  5. Read Genesis 17:15-21 and Genesis 21:1-7. What were the promises that God made to Abraham? Were the promises fulfilled? What risks or costs have you had to take based on the promises God has made to you in the scripture? (1Cor. 15:19) (Intent: Paul had an “all-in” mentality such that if he was wrong about Jesus his life would have been a complete failure. It seems that fulfillment of the promises generally takes longer to occur than we would like. Nevertheless, we are still asked to trust him for those fulfillments, nonetheless.)
  6. In our lives as Christians, we should find assurance, hope and confidence in Jesus. (Rom 8:38-39). Do you see this as a burden (something you must do) or as a blessing (something I get to do)? How should this motivate us to take faith-based risks in our lives? (Intent: Our relationship with Jesus Christ should lead us to desire to take faith-based risks. We should be willing, and motivated to take faith-based risks when we place our hope and faith in Jesus and his promises.)
  7. When was the last time God called you to take a faith-based risk? How did you respond? Why? (Intent: A call to the group members to self-reflect on their response to taking faith-based risks.)

Prayer Prompt
Break into partners or groups of three. Share what you most need faith for this week, and then
take turns praying for each other for the boldness, courage, and trust needed to step out in faith.

Talk with your small group and plan out a way to give sacrificially as a group during this holiday
season and meet the needs in your community

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