New Service Time in Prosser

posted by Bethel Communications | Nov 29, 2021

Prosser Family, 

Bethel Prosser is moving to one service at 9:30am on December 26. We’re celebrating a new year, with a new time and new life (we’re having several people dedicate their lives to Jesus through water baptism on that day!).

We’re making the move to one service on Sunday mornings for a few reasons that I think will help us launch into 2022 with lots of energy!

First, if you’ve been around the Prosser campus in the last 6 or 8 months you will have undoubtedly noticed a lot of new families. I am blown away by how God has brought families and individuals into Bethel and in the last 6 months I have had many conversations with people checking out Bethel or wanting to get more plugged into church. The best way to make life-changing connections happen is to get everyone in the same room. The Lower Valley is known for our welcoming community and the recipe is easy, just add people, the space, and the time and watch it work. 
Second, Sunday ministry functions on volunteers. Because we have so many new people getting plugged into the church, it takes a little time for people to find where God wants them to serve. We want to allow time for every person to find the place where God is appointing them to serve and in the meantime, we need to do all we can to produce the best possible ministry for families at Bethel and in the Valley. That means that children’s service will move to one service at 9:30 as well and we will have all of our grade level classrooms fully staffed with servers. We want every new child that walks into Bethel Prosser to have the best Sunday morning that they’ve ever had so that they beg their parents to come back next week. 

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, it’s clear to me in Scripture that church should not be big for bigness sake. We’re not called to be big, we're called to worship together and operate as a new community that God sends into the world. We’re not called to be big, we’re called influential for our community. Since we’re in a season where we can accomodate everyone in the same room to worship together, we should take advantage of it. 

So starting on January 2nd at 9:30am, join us for a day of celebration as we launch into a new season at Bethel Prosser with one service. Kids nursery through 5th grade will meet in their own classrooms and kick off in their own fun way! We’re celebrating new life with water baptisms during service and following service we want to encourage everyone to stick around, grab some snacks and enjoy being together. 

- Brookes

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