East Kennewick

posted by Bethel Communications | Jan 23, 2022

Interested in being a part of what God is doing in East Kennewick?

Areas to serve in Kennewick


(With students)


1. Boys and Girls Club – Open gym (Once the club closes at 6p, we would be allowed to come in and open the gym for neighborhood students to have a safe place to play basketball since the sun has already set and tempts outside are too low) one night a wk. 


2. After School program at Park Middle school – Have a talent or skill that you’d love to pass on to the next generation...? (Cooking, graphic design, photography, engineering etc.…) We are forming a once a wk after-school program where students can sign up from a list of electives. 


3. Lunch-buddies – Volunteer to spend lunch with a student once a week at Eastgate Elementary or Park Middle school. (on-campus, same student each wk) This is a great opportunity to mentor a student.

(With adults / families) 


1. Work with Adult English Language Learners – Looking for volunteers interested in building a cross-cultural relationship that could empower a mother through in-home English tutoring. Many are newly arrived Afghan women who are mothers of pre-school or newborn children making it hard for them to leave the house to engage in traditional ESL classes. 

2. Boys and Girls Club – Help teach Rooted, Financial peace, Art of Parenting classes. 


3. Apartment Outreach – In partnership with FLC, train and equip families to be a “ministry hub” for their area. A ministry hub is a family that can lead 3 other families in wholistic discipleship. Through these ministry hubs, we’ll do Bible studies, accountably groups, VBS and more. 



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