6 reasons You Shouldn't Try our Women’s Faith Fitness Friends

posted by Bethel Women | May 22, 2019

6 reasons You Shouldn't Try our Women’s Faith Fitness Friends (FFF) Class:

1. You don't want new friends

  • At FFF you get a chance to meet and connect with women from all walks of life.

2. You like to be pushed beyond your fitness limits

  • At FFF you are encouraged to work out at your personal fitness level. Modifications are offered to every workout.  You will be challenged and encouraged to listen to your body.

3. You hate the opportunity to try new fitness routines

  • FFF has three excellent instructors who vary what they teach; they even try to incorporate individual requests

4. You believe that caring for your body and your soul should never be mixed

  • FFF starts and ends with prayer, including time to share personal prayer requests if you’d like.  The workout music is wholesome, encouraging and faith-based.

5. You’re a mom of littles and you don't need any self care

  • FFF offers stellar childcare by Bethel vetted workers and friends to help you stay motivated about exercising during your week. The childcare rates for summer session are only $20 for one child, $30 for two children, or $35 for three or more children.

6. You really like paying gym membership and enrollment fees

  • FFF is a quarterly class, and for this summer session, the fee is only $10!

We hope that none of these reasons apply to you and that you'll join us as soon as possible, even if it's just to try a class out for free! We look forward to meeting you and being intentional in exercise and prayer to the glory of God.

If you’re still not sure that FFF is for you, here’s Sarah’s story: My first experience with women’s ministry at Bethel was through Faith Fitness Friends (FFF). It has been a great opportunity to connect with other women, many of which are in a similar phase of life as me, as well as get a good workout. These ladies became my small group during a season when I and my family were in-between churches. I needed the support to strengthen both my body and my spirit. FFF gave me both of these as well as some great friends to walk through that season of life with me.  I am now involved in many other ministries and Bethel has become our home church. I still attend FFF and love the chance to sweat and pray with these ladies who have helped to shape who I am today.

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