What's it Like Facilitating a Rooted Group?

posted by Bethel Rooted | Jul 27, 2022

As the Rooted Core Team, we get the amazing privilege of putting each Rooted group together and seeing how God works through the facilitators each session - and this one was no different! We recently received this encouraging text from a couple who was facilitating a Rooted group:

Hi there! I just wanted to give you an update on our Rooted group. The prayer experience on Friday was absolutely amazing. We ended up spending about 4 hours together engaging in worship, prayer, dinner and fellowship. We decided as a group that we feel more comfortable having our weekly meetings in a home setting, so today was the first day doing so. Our group is really starting to bond! We discussed the material and hung out with each other for about 4 hours again! 😂 We have scheduled a ladies night, a men’s night, and a group outing for the next couple of weeks.

We have not formally asked the group if they would like to continue after Rooted; however, we have decided as a group to engage in weekly serve experiences with the homeless, so I think it’s pretty safe to say our group will continue. We are all very interested in helping at the Spring Dance at Bethel as well! We are just so thankful and proud of the amazing people in our group for being able to form such a solid bond despite the changes in this short period of time!

Go here to register for the next Rooted session or to learn more. If you’d like to know more about facilitating a Rooted group, email Teri Pearson at tpearson@bethel.ch.

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