Early Childhood Sneak Peek into April's Curriculum

posted by Bethel Kids | Mar 31, 2022

Have you ever called someone your BFF? Maybe just the sound of it has you thinking of someone right now.

BFF—Best Friend Forever. It’s hard to be a BFF, even with the best of intentions. It’s hard for you and me, but not for Jesus.

Jesus is the one friend that not only wants to be our friend forever, but He can actually keep up His end  the promise. And, He went through a lot to make it possible. That’s why, this month, we are sharing the Good News with preschoolers that Jesus wants to be my friend forever. Your friend. My friend. Their friend. Everyone’s friend—forever!

The best things that go together are my friend, Jesus, and me. And nothing, not even death, can come between us and His promise, because we go together forever and ever. Which brings us to our memory verse for the month is “I am with you always.” Matthew 28:20, NIV

Walking On Water | Matthew 14:22-33
Story Focus: Our friend, Jesus, is always with us. We will begin, week one, with the amazing story of Jesus on water. One minute the disciples are terrified and the next they are exclaiming, “Jesus! You truly are the Son of God!” Jesus can do anything—like walk on water. So, if Jesus says He’ll always be with us, then Jesus will always be with us.
Palm Sunday | Matthew 21:1-11,15-16
Story Focus: We celebrate our friend, Jesus. Week two, it’s time to celebrate! Grab a palm leaf and wave it in the air as we learn about the time Jesus rode down the road on a donkey. The whole town was filled with excitement because they knew Jesus can do amazing things! And, the best part of the celebration is that Jesus wants to be our friend forever!

Easter | Matthew 26:21-30; 27:1-2; 28:1-7
Story Focus: Our friend, Jesus, is alive! Week three, starts out sad, but it gets better…a whole lot better! We’re going to talk with our preschoolers about how angry people took Jesus away and hurt Him so badly that He died. But, three days later, Jesus did somethin that only He can do. Jesus came back, just like He said He would! Jesus is alive! That’s how Jesus can be our friend forever!

Breakfast on the Beach | John 21:1-14
Story Focus: Jesus wants to be our friend forever. Week four, we learn about an awesome moment Jesus shared with His friends, the disciples. They were out in a boat fishing. Then, they looked out across the water and someone they had been missing. It was Jesus! They quickly went ashore and found Jesus cooking breakfast for them right there on the beach. Can you even imagine? They went from thinking they had lost their friend, Jesus, to eating breakfast with Him on a beach!

Check out the preview here.

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