Small Group Questions (April 24, 2022)

posted by Bethel Group Life | Apr 21, 2022

Ice Breaker 
Describe a movie that has moved you to an emotional response or altered your perspective. (Intent: similar to how a movie can change our perspective, Peter’s sermon convicted and moved people to repentance and faith.) 

  • Did anything encourage you or convict you in the sermon? (Intent: Always be probing to learn what the Holy Spirit is doing in the lives of your members. Where is He convicting, leading, encouraging, revealing...) 
  • In Acts 2:23 and 36, Peter was clear in pointing out that his fellow Israelites were directly at fault in Jesus’ crucifixion. Their response to his words are described in verses 37 and 41. 
    • Do you think it was important for Peter to directly point out their involvement with Jesus’ crucifixion? Why or why not? (Intent: Recognizing the weight of our own sin is crucial to understanding how we needed Jesus to save us. Peter spoke the truth in love.) 
    • What stands out to you about their response to Peter’s words? (Intent: Conviction is important but acting upon that conviction brings about the heart change that helps us to become more Christ-like. When we are confronted with our own sin, our first response should not be of defensiveness, but to seriously consider how our attitude and actions affect God and others. A potential follow-up question to this is “What virtue is necessary for such a response like the 3000? Answer = Humility ). 
    • Are there any mature believers in your life of whom you would allow to rebuke or admonish you? Why or why not? (See Prov 12:15, Prov 17:10, Gal 6:1, Matt 18:15-17). (Intent: Anyone can point out our faults, but having a mature believer in your life who you trust to lovingly guide you away from a sinful, destructive path is wise since it is difficult for us to see our own sin). 
  • In Acts 2:39 Peter talks about how the promise of salvation is not just for us, but even generations to come. Read Psalm 145:4. Think of an event that has drawn you closer to the Lord and consider sharing that with someone from another generation. Ask them to share with you too. (Intent: Sharing what the Lord is doing is important part of fostering hope in what Jesus is doing in our lives today)

Lord, help me to cultivate the spiritual discipline of repentance as I am a hopelessly forgetful sinner. Pierce my heart with the weight of the gospel truth, knowing that it was my sin that put Jesus on the cross. Holy Spirit help me to habitually confess my sin out loud to you. Guide me to consciously hate my sin and pursue holiness instead, however hard that may be. 

After praying, read Psalm 139:23 out loud. Try to memorize it this week. Seek out someone in your life for accountability who can pray with you and encourage you in repenting of the sin that God reveals to you.

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