Richland Campus to Have One Service Time This Summer (9:30A)

posted by Bethel Communications | Jun 21, 2022

A few months ago we had a special service called "Celebration Sunday". We spent the entire service celebrating what God had done at Bethel over the last year, but we also experimented with combining our 8:30A service with the 10:30A service. We received a lot of great feedback from that weekend, with many individuals requesting that we go to one service permanently.

While we're not ready do that permanently, we did decide that this summer would be a great opportunity for us to be combined in Richland. So, every Sunday between June 26 and September 11 we will be worshipping together at one service in Richland at 9:30A.

We believe that this will be a good time to rest for all of our Sunday morning volunteers, and just give everyone a little more room to breathe through the summer. Thank you for making disciples with us at Bethel, and we look forward to seeing you every week this summer!


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