Men's Summer ABC's

posted by Bethel Men | Jun 5, 2019

Men, a lot of you are in amazing small groups that will soon be taking a summer break. For some that break is ok but for others, we need that accountability, challenge, and consistent community with our brothers. We need something else while everyone's taking a break...Well, good news!

Men's Ministry is starting a TEN-WEEK Summer Men's Group based around our basic ABC's. These ABC's stand for Accountability, Bible, and Camaraderie.
The focus of this 10 weeks/part summer series will be primarily bible study (Old Testament) with an accountability portion and breakout sessions. Put all of this together and we have camaraderie. We want to make sure you are staying healthy over the long haul of a busy summer! Simply making ourselves busier and filling that time by ourselves isn't always the healthiest thing we as men can do. Men, we need continued fellowship and accountability so here is your opportunity.
Do you think this is a good idea or you think a brother of yours needs to get connected to this for the summer? Don't let him do this alone, grab him and bring him. If the Holy Spirit is nudging you while you read this then take that as your prompt to be a part of this small group. If you are worried that you can't attend all 10 weeks, then great! Don't. Show up to the weeks that your home, available and wanting to be stirred up and be a part of other men's lives. It is easy for us to get tired and make the excuse to not participate or convince ourselves that we are doing ok. Let me encourage you that if you’re on break this summer to pop in from time to time and join our Men’s Summer ABC’s. 
I hope we see you this July 12th and any Friday evening after that! ABC’s start promptly at 6 pm in one of our view rooms. Have questions or want to let us know your coming, feel free to email You can also see what Men's Ministry is doing on the Bethel Men Facebook page.


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