Does Anyone Have Your Back?

posted by Bethel Community | Jun 6, 2019

The pressure is on to be the super-parent these days. Finding the right school, getting the kids to practice on time, supporting your child’s interests by providing opportunity and resources for them to grow in their passions, encouraging proper behavior and character development, teaching them the finer practices of conflict resolution, instilling a desire for learning through challenges, helping them battle through adversity and difficulty, are just a few of the many issues parents face when trying to raise a child well.

Ideally, you have a partner to tag team this with, someone you can bounce ideas off, someone to coordinate kids’ schedules with or someone to step in and relieve you when you are having a bad day. But what if you didn’t have that person? What if you felt like nobody had your back? What if your days were filled with self-doubt and you were unsure if you were doing a good job? What if you were secretly second-guessing your decisions all the time because there was no one there to help you work through those decisions? What if you had one car, one or more kids and a hundred places to be all at the same time? 

Well then I would say you are most likely a single parent. The pressure to be a super-mom or a super-dad as a single parent is no less daunting than it is for the average family functioning within a dual parent household. The stress can be suffocating!

On June 8th, Bethel is hosting ‘God’s Plan for Moving Forward as a Single Parent’, meant to speak to those weathering issues inherent to being a single parent. Come and hear from a panel of leaders, all of whom have firsthand experience with this subject, and learn from them what they did well and what they didn’t. Topics include “Raising Godly Children in a Single Parent Environment”, “Co-Parenting and Playing both Roles as a Single Parent” and “Dating and Remarriage from a Biblical Standpoint”. There will also be a time for Q&A in case what was spoken on didn’t quite answer the questions of your heart.

If you are a single parent or know someone who is, be sure to sign up. This event is open to the Tri-Cities community, so help us get the word out. Registration is free, a light dinner is included and childcare is provided. 

Here are two stories from single parents at Bethel, who understand the importance of single parents supporting each other.


Katherine Sederburg

I married my high-school sweet heart at 19 years old. Shortly after, we found out we were pregnant. During my 8th month of pregnancy, and having only been married for 8 months mind you, my husband asked for a divorce. Imagine yourself dealing with the inconveniences of being 8 months pregnant, jobless, no resources to fall back on and managing the logistical aftermath of a wildly unexpected divorce.

The worst of it though, was having to weather those difficulties while feeling lost, confused, and scared. Through this, however, God taught me how to receive help from others, how to trust His plan over my own, and what loving others in a time of need really looks like.

Nearly 6 years later, I am amazed to see how God is redeeming all that pain for good. He has given me a passion to use my heartache and ongoing healing to help other single parents walk their journey with their children while building a closer relationship with the One who will never leave them nor forsake them.


Ricky Hyson

I married at the age of 25 while on Active Duty in the Navy. My deployments took me all over the world. As a man, I was under the impression I had to get to the next level in my career so I could be financially well off for my family and so I could enjoy life as the “world” views it. ‘Be the best at everything’, that was my life’s motto and it’s what drove me to excel. 

The more I became obsessed with this goal, however, the more it drove a wedge between me and my family. It’s clear now, how flimsy my life’s foundation was, unfortunately, I didn’t see it until everything had come crashing down. In the blink of an eye, I was divorced and raising a 1-year-old child on my own.

I desperately tried to pick up the pieces of my life, but it wasn’t until I found God that I was truly able to put those pieces back together again.  I am now a single parent, moving forward with Christ as the foundation of my life. He has become my life’s motto and what drives me to be the best parent I can be.

I have lived to learn that you can have everything in the world but if you don’t have God, then you don’t have anything.    


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