posted by Bethel Group Life | Jun 13, 2019

You know in Acts 2:42 it says they devoted themselves to “the fellowship”. This is such an interesting word and a little obscure at the same time. I mean, what is fellowship really?  

In English, fellowship simply carries with it the meaning of friendship or companionship but in Greek, that’s not how they would have heard it. 

The word in Greek is Koinonia. This word is used in several different contexts and can be translated in a few different ways. 

In addition to the translation “fellowship”, Koinonia also means partnering with, participating in, sharing, being a part of, sacrificially contributing to. 

When you look at these other translations you begin to get a broader appreciation of what the early church was committing to when it said, “they devoted themselves to…the fellowship”. 

Being in community, from a biblical standpoint, goes beyond a simple friendship or companionship. It is a sacrificial commitment and devotion to be there for one another. 

To have another’s best interests at heart and a commitment to helping them attain those interests. It is encouraging one another, speaking truth to one another, loving one another and all the other one anothers you find in the Bible.

This is a group of people who are not only there to celebrate with you, challenge you, and grieve with you but to also walk with you through it all. Would you love to have a group of people around you that were all those things for you? Would you be willing to commit on that level to them as well?

What we are talking about here is the 3rd component on our Pathway. The component Community.

There are a variety of ways you can find that here at Bethel. The first is going to be Rooted, our 2nd component on the Pathway.  All of those values that I spoke on a few minutes ago, are the same values espoused and established throughout the Rooted experience.  As a result, most Rooted groups continue on as small groups. So if you haven’t done the Rooted thing yet, be sure to sign up as soon as you can.

Maybe your life’s condition is more specific, and you need a community that can understand the hurts, addictions, losses or circumstances you are in. We got those groups too. We call them Care or Support Groups. 

Life is sure to continue being a journey of ups and downs. Don’t go that alone. There is so much more of life to be experienced when we do it together.


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