James Fairfield Hired as Bethel Next-Gen Director (Richland)

posted by Bethel Communications | Sep 19, 2022

Our high schoolers have been without a pastor for quite some time and our youth in general have been without a pastor for several months. Certain staff members, specifically Jared Crowell and Mary Aardal, have been absolutely stellar in their leadership in the youth ministries. Our volunteer leaders have also carried a large weight and been phenomenal.

However, we still need a dedicated youth leader. The good news is that the Lord has provided a familiar face to oversee our youth ministry. James Fairfield was the high school director at Bethel for several years and left three years ago to work at a church in Olympia. We have recently been in touch with James and began to talk with him about the possibility of our ministering together once again. We ended up interviewing him and came to the unanimous conclusion that he should return to Bethel. James will start work here at Bethel on October 23.

His job title will be "Next Gen Director". In addition to leading the youth ministries, he will provide some oversight to the children's ministry, coming alongside that ministry and the youth ministry in order to create alignment. 

James has a legacy of making strong followers of Christ among our young people. Praise God that He has provided this great leader for our church! I believe that the Lord is continuing to build the team that will lead us into the future. Thank you for being a part of it!


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