Bethel Members Vote: Scott Godwin Candidate Details

posted by Bethel Communications | Sep 26, 2022

Dear Bethel members,

The Bethel Elders have one item we would like you to vote on regarding Scott Godwin as a Bethel elder candidate for our board. The voting will take in person at all campuses on November 6, immediately following our regular services.

Many of you already know Scott well. His bio sketch is given below. As we do with all candidates, we asked Scott to prepare a self-assessment regarding his Biblical qualifications for eldership as well as to complete a theological questionnaire. We then had three separate conversations with Scott (and his wife Becky during the third of these) on his written responses, as well as on other relevant topics. As a result of these conversations, we believe Scott is imminently qualified to serve as an elder and we now present him to you.

SCOTT GODWIN, Bethel Elder Candidate
  • Family: Becky (wife); Alyssa, Greg, Roman & Lucy Hansen (daughter, son-in-law, grandkids); Mitch & Jillian (Son & daughter-in-law)
  • Time at Bethel: 12 Years
  • Leadership/Service at Bethel: Small Group Leader; Global Missions Team; Country Lead – Cambodia/AIM
  • Testimony:  I had the privilege of growing up as a ‘Pastor’s kid’ and hearing about the good news of Christ’s redemptive work for me from the beginning.  But it wasn’t until early grade school that I made a personal decision of faith following the death of close friend and related conversations.  My dad led me to the Lord and later baptized me, which started a new trajectory in my life based on hope and assurance.  My junior high and high school years were spent here in Tri-Cities where I would meet my future wife.  Through 31 years of marriage, we been able to serve God around the world and have developed a passion for addressing the needs of underprivileged, exploited, and at-risk children.  God has been faithful and merciful in His pursuit of me throughout.
  • Why I want to be a Bethel Elder:  While this is not a role I’ve sought out since joining Bethel, I want to be faithful to what God is calling me to and I believe He has confirmed that.  My hope would be to serve while using some of my gifts in organization, administration, and encouragement. Furthermore, I’ve been able to closely observe and participate in various forms of leadership throughout my life (e.g. non-profits, churches, various boards, and industry).  Like many churches, Bethel is in need of more leaders to help carry and advance the ministry God has called us to and I’d like to help that pipeline development.  

You may be wondering why we didn’t have Scott Godwin on the ballot for the annual Family Business meeting in July. The simple answer is that we hadn’t yet completed our vetting of him by July 1.

As with our annual meeting, we are sending the voting topic to you now and allowing a period of two weeks for you to consider the addition of Scott Godwin and pray about how you will vote. During this time, please feel free to contact any of the Bethel or campus elders if you have questions. Also, you can contact Scott Godwin directly if you have anything you would like to ask him.

Please do vote, as our constitution requires that 25% of the active membership vote in order to have a quorum. For questions, contact

On behalf of the elders,
Scott Chambers

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