Small Group Questions - Acts 9:32-43 (October 30)

posted by Bethel Group Life | Oct 30, 2022

Ice Breaker

Have you ever witnessed a miracle?  If so, share it with your group.  What effect did the experience have on your faith or the faith of others involved?

General Study Questions

  • How does this passage fit into the book as a whole?

  • How does it flow from the previous section of the text?

  • What in the passage stands out to you?  

  • How does this passage minister to its original audience?

  • How does this text minister to us today?

  • Is there a sin to confess?

  • Is there a cause for thanksgiving or praise to God?

  • Is there a promise or truth to trust in?

  • Is there an attitude to change?

  • Is there a command to obey or an example to imitate?

  • Is there anything confusing or hard to understand about the passage?  

  • How is the Gospel present in this passage?  

  • What is the single, main point of the passage? 

  • How would you apply this passage to your life?  

Text Specific Questions

  1. In today’s text, we see two different miracles occurring. How are these miracles similar to Jesus’ miracles? Why does Luke go out of his way to make sure we see Peter following the pattern of Jesus? (see Luke 5:17-26; 7:11-16; Mark 5:35-43)

  2. In verse 34 Peter makes it clear that it is Jesus who does the healing. What practical ways can we make sure that Jesus receives the glory for any work that we do?

  3. How was Tabitha described after her death (see v. 36)?  How do you want to be described after your death?  Does anything in your life now need to change? 

  4. There were most likely other paralyzed citizens in Lydda and other recently deceased people in Joppa.  Why do you think Peter specifically heals Aeneas and Dorcas?

  5. What was the result of Peter’s miracles (v. 35, 42)? Of Jesus’ miracles? What role do miracles play in helping people have faith? Is there a danger if people believe based off of miracles?

  6. Do miracles like these happen today? Why or why not?

  7. The word saint is very rarely used by Luke, yet it is used twice in this text (v. 32, 41). Other than clearly linking the two miracles as one unit, why would Luke use the word here? What does it mean to be a saint? How does God bless His saints today?

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