The Big Picture

posted by Becky Johnson | Oct 26, 2022

I need to keep my mind on the Big Picture, otherwise it’s far too easy to get stuck in the trivial, mundane, or fleeting moments of this temporary world. Maybe that’s why I keep a notebook and pen handy to write down insightful phrases and truth that I hear each day. 

Practically every week I notice a theme in my quick jottings. (Kind of like when you draw your attention to a particular type of car, style, or music and then you end up seeing or hearing it everywhere.) It seems that’s the case with learning, too. 

What is God trying to teach me?
What do I need to see?
What do I need to hear?

I ask myself questions like these each week. 
Sometimes the answers may look like:
  • Rest
  • Love
  • Trust
And other weeks my notebook is blank and my pen or pencil is unsure of how to answer those same questions. 

I may be wrestling with complex ideas and therefore I don’t necessarily have an answer to write down. But I do have a feeling—a bit of an eternal anticipation. My heart and my mind are telling me there are many mysteries in His kingdom and I don’t need to have all the answers…

I just need Jesus—
no pen, 
no paper,
no right answer,
no wrong answer,
only Him.

Personal Reflection:

What are you learning this week? 

Does someone need to hear your wisdom? 
Or perhaps you need the advice, truth, or support from a friend as you wade through this life?

Lord, You have so much to teach us. Help us to be good students this week. And may we never forget that Jesus is all that we need. 

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