Small Group Questions - Acts 10:1-8

posted by Bethel Group Life | Nov 6, 2022

Ice Breaker

Share about a recurring dream you have had over the years. 

General Study Questions

  • How does this passage fit into the book as a whole?

  • How does it flow from the previous section of the text?

  • What in the passage stands out to you?  

  • How does this passage minister to its original audience?

  • How does this text minister to us today?

  • Is there a sin to confess?

  • Is there a cause for thanksgiving or praise to God?

  • Is there a promise or truth to trust in?

  • Is there an attitude to change?

  • Is there a command to obey or an example to imitate?

  • Is there anything confusing or hard to understand about the passage?  

  • How is the Gospel present in this passage?  

  • What is the single, main point of the passage? 

  • How would you apply this passage to your life?  

Text Specific Questions

  1. In verses 1-2, what do you learn about Cornelius? What is significant about being a centurion in the Italian Regiment? What does it mean to be devout? God-fearing?

  2. As a non-Jewish commander in an occupying army, what was unusual about him?

  3. Describe Cornelius’ vision and response. Why do you think he called the angel “Lord”? 

  4. God doesn’t often use angels to speak to people today like He did in this story.  How does God speak to us today?

  5. In verse 4 the angel says both Cornelius’ prayers and acts of charity (alms) were seen by God. What does this say about the power of prayer? What does this say about the value of giving and being generous? 

  6. In 9:36 we saw Tabitha was praised for acts of charity (giving alms). In this text we see Cornelius being praised for the same thing. What does this say about how God sees giving? 

  7. In the bigger picture of history, what do you think the Lord is doing here? Why was this particular story recorded for us?

  8. How does Cornelius’ life inspire you? How about his immediate obedience to a very unusual command?

  9. Is there something the Lord is asking of you right now that requires immediate obedience? Share with your group.

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