Choosing meaningful Christmas traditions

posted by Mary Aardal | Dec 6, 2022

For me, I ask myself, is this something that really gathers us together and creates lasting memories?  Is this something that points my children to Jesus and the true reason we celebrate Christmas?  Every family and circumstance is going to answer these questions differently, but here are some family traditions that we have come back to every year.    

Together as a family: 

  1. Read together “What Does God Want for Christmas?”

  2. Christmas Carol Hunt

  3. Christmas movie night

  4. Family Game Night- Go “tech free” for the night!

  5. Attend Church together on Christmas Eve

Community Events we attend together:

  1. Lighted Boat Parade 

  2. Senske Lights

  3. John Dam Plaza Lights

  4. Visit Reindeer at Beaver Bark

Food related activities:

  1. Cinnamon Roll Christmas Tree

  2. S’mores at the fire

  3. Decorate gingerbread house

  4. Make Christmas cookies and deliver to neighbors

By being intentional about the traditions and activities that we do together each Christmas season, we are making memories, keeping our focus on Jesus, and not feeling overwhelmed.  When something comes up that is not a part of our regular traditions, we can decide if it’s worthwhile, or simply say no, knowing that we have prioritized the things of Christmas that matter most to us.  

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