Small Group Questions on Acts 15:36-16:5

posted by Bethel Group Life | Mar 5, 2023

Ice Breaker

Who discipled you at an early stage in your faith and how has that continued to affect your life? (If no one discipled you, what consequences or effects have you experienced because of that?)

General Study Questions

  • How does this passage fit into the book as a whole?

  • How does it flow from the previous section of the text?

  • What in the passage stands out to you?  

  • How does this passage minister to its original audience?

  • How does this text minister to us today?

  • Is there a sin to confess?

  • Is there a cause for thanksgiving or praise to God?

  • Is there a promise or truth to trust in?

  • Is there an attitude to change?

  • Is there a command to obey or an example to imitate?

  • Is there anything confusing or hard to understand about the passage?  

  • How is the Gospel present in this passage?  

  • What is the single, main point of the passage? 

  • How would you apply this passage to your life?  

Text Specific Questions

  1. Why were Paul and Barnabas going to return to cities they had already visited (v. 36)?  Why is follow-up so important when discipling others? What are some practical ways we can do that today?

  2. Search on the internet for a biblical map of New Testament churches. Use verse 35 to locate where Paul and Barnabas were. Then note on the map where Barnabas/Mark and Paul/Silas went after their disagreement.

  3. How did God use Paul and Barnabas’ disagreement to further the Gospel? How can this give us a new perspective when we have a disagreement with another believer?

  4. Paul picks up Timothy in chapter 16. What do you know about Timothy? 

  5. In chapter 15, we read of the debate about whether or not circumcision should be required for Gentile believers. The final decision of the Jerusalem Council is summarized in 15:19. Why, then, does Paul have Timothy circumcised in 16:3?

  6. Why do believers today not need to undergo physical circumcision?

  7. Notice how both Barnabas and Paul took someone along with them on their missionary journeys. Who are you partnering with in order to spread the gospel either locally or globally?  What are the potential dangers in trying to go solo?

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