Discover, Deepen and Deploy

posted by Bethel Communications | Jul 11, 2019

What it Means to be Deployed

Let’s talk about the final component of the Discipleship Pathway, multiply. Already we’ve seen how the pathway helps people discover a relationship with Jesus, and deepen that relationship with Jesus. But now we come to the critical component of being deployed to do likewise.

You know, growing in your personal relationship with Jesus is important. But nothing will help you deepen your relationship with Jesus like helping someone else discover theirs. In order for the gospel to advance in the world, we need to take what has been entrusted to us and see that it is replicated in others. Our faith is not our own. Faith doesn’t just happen to you, it happens through you. And if the gospel has come to you, just know that it is headed to someone else.

One of our greatest challenges is what one author called the “my lifetime” tendency. We see it exemplified in an Old Testament king named Hezekiah. He was king of Judah and did many God-honoring things, but he falls ill and is instructed to get his house in order. Hezekiah cries out to God and is miraculously granted fifteen more years of life.

Once his life is spared, his pride leads him to invite the king of Babylon in to help him celebrate his recovery. In his pride, he shows off all the national treasures and sets in motion Babylon’s crushing desire to take it all by force. Isaiah rebukes the king for his prideful display and prophesies the coming Babylonian captivity. Hezekiah’s response is telling in II Kings 20:19 – “’The Word of the Lord that you have spoken is good.’ For he thought, ‘There will be peace and security in my lifetime.’” Despite the zeal he had for many of the good things for his nation spiritually, his absence of zeal for the next generation was a detriment to the nation. 


Here’s the point: Hezekiah suffered from short-sightedness, and so do many disciples of Jesus. Short-sightedness for Hezekiah sounded like, “As long as it is well in my lifetime.” Short-sightedness for a disciple sounds like, “As long as I am attending church, a small group, and serving, I’m ok.”

And while that statement may be true and you may be ok, just know that there are others around you that not. Multiply is about a far-seeing vision for biblical disciple making where you as a maturing disciple help others discover a relationship with Jesus, deepen in that relationship with Jesus and then you help them become deployed to go and do the same with someone else. 

Jesus modeled people building – people building people … and it turned the world upside down. Consider this: Where you make your greatest impact may not be a place or a project, but a person. So who is the person that you are personally investing in so that one day they may invest in others?

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