Two Service Times - Richland Campus, Fall 2023

posted by Bethel Executive Team | Jul 17, 2023

We’re excited to let you know that our Richland campus is making a change to two Sunday services. Starting September 10th we will be moving from a single 9:30A service to worship services at 8:45A and 10:30A. Mark your calendars and join us this fall as we learn to center our lives on Jesus together.

  1. Will both services be the same? Yes, both services will have the same worship sets, message, and Bethel Kids programming. One difference is that the Middle School service will only be offered during the second service (10:30A time).
  2. Why were service times of 8:45A and 10:30A chosen? First, lots of different people and perspectives were consulted in the process. It became clear that having services 1 hour 30 minutes apart was too close together, especially for Bethel Kids. Having services 2 hours apart leaves a lot of gap time between services, which impacts those who are attending one service and serving at the next. 1 hour 45 minutes between services provides this sweet spot. Plus, it allows for mingling time to overlap between services. the 8:45A time will suit our early risers, while the 10:30A time is ideal for those who prefer a later start.
  3. Why are we making this change now? As you may remember, when we decided to stay with one service last fall, one of the primary reasons was that so many of us were enjoying meeting all together at the same time, connecting, and building relationships. Our goal was to get back to two services, and we had identified criteria to guide that process. One criterion was watching attendance numbers, which are trending up. The key criterion, though, was the Sunday morning discipleship of our Bethel Kids and Middle School students. Although all who serve in those ministries have done an amazing job, the consensus was that the rotation of servers that one service time necessitated resulted in less relationship-building, consistency, and discipleship for our kids. They are our next generation, and we want to offer them the best we can in helping them know and love Jesus. Additionally, it puts an added strain on those who serve two or more times per month, as they miss so many of the corporate worship services. Finally, as to the fall timing, it makes sense to make this change as fall kickoff is happening across the campus.
  4. What can I do to help? What a great question - thanks for asking! If you're already serving with a team on Sunday mornings, be praying about how you can continue or even increase the frequency of serving with that team this fall. If you're not involved in serving, now could be the perfect time to jump in! Here are a few areas to consider:
Additionally, we can each be purposeful about building relationships and inviting others to join us at one of our Sunday service times!

Have more questions? We'd love to connect with you. Feel free to reach out to Angie, Kent, or Rachal directly, or email us:

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