Fresh Hope - Finding Support, Finding Hope!

posted by Bethel Care & Compassion | Jul 22, 2019

Finding connection and belonging can be difficult when you are facing a mental health diagnosis or challenge. Maybe others don't understand your current struggle and leave you feeling misunderstood. Missed school, work, and social events can lead to frustration and loneliness. You want to connect, but aren't sure how and really don't think anyone will listen or truly understand what it is like to live in your shoes. Fresh Hope for Mental Health and Fresh Hope for Teens are both Christ-centered wellness approaches to mental health recovery that help empower people to connect their faith and their recovery.

Meeting twice a month, Fresh Hope groups are ongoing, mutual-help, peer-to-peer support groups in which members encourage one another as equals under the guidance of a trained peer facilitator. The meeting format includes both a large and small group experience, where members can share as little or as much of their “journey” as they desire. Fresh Hope is a non-profit that spans the globe, providing a faith-filled and clinically informed perspective on mental health recovery. Group members gain educational and spiritual support in an encouraging, safe environment.

Do these groups replace traditional therapy or medication? No, that's not the intent. Rather, Fresh Hope serves as a supplemental support and information system so that members and those who love them might develop tools to help them manage their illness on a daily basis in order to live with dignity and hope in Christ. This approach to wellness uses six tenets that guide you towards living a full and rich life in spite of a diagnosis. Click here to learn more about the tenets that form the foundation of Fresh Hope groups.

Fresh Hope is working to challenge the Christian church to address the mental health crisis in their community, helping them to provide a “compassionate, understanding, safe and supportive-place” for those who struggle with mental health issues. This includes understanding that many mental health challenges are due to the brain’s improper function and are not character flaws, moral failures or a spiritual weakness.

Please join us anytime! Our groups are ongoing and drop-in welcome. We hope once you come you will find a support family that you keep coming back to.

Fresh Hope for Mental Health - for adults that are struggling with a mental health issue and their loved ones.
Meets on the 2nd, 4th and 5th Thursday’s of each month
6-7:30pm, downstairs in the Activity Center (across the parking lot from the Hub)

Fresh Hope for Teens - for ages 13-19 that struggle with mental health issues and their friends.
Meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursday’s of each month
6-7:30pm downstairs in the Activity Center (across the parking lot from the Hub)

For more Information:
(509) 628-0150


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Fresh Hope - Finding Support, Finding Hope!

Jul 22, 2019

Fresh Hope for Mental Health and Fresh Hope for Teens are both peer-to-peer Christ-centered wellness approaches to mental health recovery.



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