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posted by Bethel Global Outreach | Sep 3, 2019

News from Greece 

From Fotis and Mary Romeos

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

Many and warm greetings from the heart of the summer in Greece with very high temperatures! 

A few weeks ago, I was sharing with hundreds of young people gathered for a missions conference at CosmoVision Center from 35 nations from around the globe. I shared about the small group of local believers gathered at the same spot 60 and 70 years ago harvesting their pistachios trees and praying earnestly that the Lord may use their land for the expansion of His kingdom. And now we experience the answers of their prayers enjoying the songs and praises of hundreds of young people who gathered to get trained for carrying the following days the message of hope in Greece and many countries in the region in small groups of 10!! Every day we experience the miracle of God’s grace and we are so thankful for His working through and in our lives. 

We had a blessed trip in the US for three months during the winter and we would like to thank you all for making it so precious and blessed. We would not be able to do whatever the Lord is leading us in this part of the globe unless we have you all, a dedicated group of people and churches who have joined their hearts and hands in holding the ropes for us by praying, standing and supporting our ministry. We are very thankful for the wonderful network of believers that the Lord has placed together in order to advance His kingdom. The programs run like crazy for the first day we are back in Greece: 

1. Educational programs providing the reality of the New Testament historicity in a unique way to young students and adults.

2. Short term programs of various churches who have come over to help us advance the kingdom of God, providing practical help on the ground in various projects. Thank you so much to all those who have visited our land! 

3. Precious people like Tom & Joanne Lueck who came and served with us for three months mobilizing and hosting people from their church and that this would open the door for other people who want to take the “risk” and become hospitality servants for our ministry in Athens Greece for three
months ... We keep praying for workers every day at 10:02 AM according to Luke 10:2!

4. Athens Ministry Center is fully operational now in downtown Athens
 serving hundreds of refugees every week helping them to integrate in our country and communities by providing programs for the entire family.

5. In the Refugee Care Center, a cooperated project of the Greek
Evangelical community in the Biblical city of Thessaloniki, approximately 
7,043 people were offered free meals, were given clothes and essentials,
 and had the opportunity to hear a short message from the Bible the first six
 months of 2019!

6. Our programs keep going at Home Spot Center in Laurio along with the
 Home Spot Lab in the same city.

7. CosmoVision Center is full of people every day running summer camps for all nations ... we currently have a Filipino camp, last week was the Arabic camp, and the following one will be the Romanian. We are so grateful for this key strategic tool that has been placed in Athens which becomes a blessing to many.

8. Our publications continue to provide valuable material and “ammunition” to the Greek speaking believers all over the world.

9. The church planting efforts are growing as we see young people dedicate their lives in serving the ultimate purpose of Christ who is building His Church.

10. We are trying to be faithful with our teaching and preaching ministry equipping and encouraging His people in the spiritual race that He is laying for them to run. 

The list would get bigger and bigger including various projects in various countries in our region ... but the importance is not our list but our Lord who is working so vividly in our lives and ministry! 

Pray for our country and the peace of our region as the relationship with Turkey is in a very challenging stage. This is a very sensitive region with thousands of refugees on the seashore of Turkey and the relationship of two countries along with the entire EU and USA to be in the lowest level ever. God is in full control and we fully trust Him and follow His leading. We look up and go forward as at this time as we have covered most of the “miles” of our spiritual marathon race. 

Thank you all for your love, friendship and partnership in the cause of the Gospel. We will be having some days of rest and planning for the next year as we want to make sure we are leading the people the Lord has entrusted us in the right direction, bringing glory to His name and serving their daily needs! 

A huge hug to you all with tons of agape genuine Greek love, 

Fotis and Mary Romeos 

Condensed from Fotis and Mary Newsletter


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