Flash Mob Bless

posted by Bethel Care & Compassion | Sep 18, 2019

Flash Mob Bless: a spontaneous opportunity for Bethel members to show up at the home of a Bethel family in need, to love and encourage them.

In 2017, Gay Fitzgibbon was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer. After some treatment the cancer went away, but shortly after, her husband Davis, fell and broke his pelvis. In 2019, Gay's cancer also came back. A Flash Mob Bless group visited the Fitzgibbons at their home and blessed them with hugs, gifts, prayer and encouragement.

After the experience, Gay wrote: "You are an amazing blessing! We had been a little discouraged, but, after the flash Mob Bless we were so positive. God knew we needed that hug from so many caring brothers and sisters."

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