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posted by Bethel Young Adults | Oct 15, 2019

This Summer

God has been at work in our Young Adults community this summer! At the beginning of the summer, we were blessed with a house to be able to welcome people into, share meals and worship the Lord together in, and minister to people out of! Having a ministry house has been integral to building a community that feels like family and building relationships that allow us to do life together, and we thank the Lord for providing us with this space to gather.

I think anyone who was a part of our community throughout the summer can attest to the way the Spirit moved in our midst. We were provided many opportunities to love one another, love other people outside our community, and understand God’s love for ourselves more deeply.

The first such opportunity this summer was the Young Adults mission trip to Greece.  We sent eight of our young adults to Athens to partner with AMG International in the work they’re doing loving, supporting, and sharing the gospel with the refugees there. They got to share Bible stories with the children, meet the women who come to AMG’s refugee center for weaving lessons and English classes, and engage in spiritual conversations with the men who hang out there. Read a couple accounts of this trip here and here!

As well as sharing the reason for the hope that is within us with those in other countries and from other religious backgrounds, we also had some special opportunities to teach, admonish, and encourage one another! Every month of the summer we focused on a specific topic during our weekly Thursday meetings, and we got to hear some powerful teaching each month from our very own young adults. It was awesome to see God speaking to young adults through their peers, and to see people step up and be faithful to share when they felt God put thoughts on their hearts. We also had monthly prayer and worship nights, in which we all gathered simply to step into the presence of the Lord, listen to His voice, and praise Him.

This summer also marked the second annual young adults camping trip. Spending a weekend away from all distractions and busyness with a shared intentionality to press into our relationships with God and with one another is always a valuable experience. We shared quiet mornings reading our Bibles on the beach, afternoons full of adventure on the Oregon coast, and late night deep talks around a campfire.

What's Up Next

We also love just having fun together! We kick off each month with a huge house party complete with food and games in order to invite new people and celebrate what God has been doing. If you want to check Bethel Young Adults out for yourself, the perfect time to join us will be at our Halloween party! Visit the Bethel Young Adults Collegiate page for more info. You can also email Jared at and follow us on Instagram @bethelcollegiates.

This fall, we are focusing on discipleship and accountability through small groups! We are praying that everyone who wants to take the next step in their faith journey will commit to meeting weekly with a few other people of their same gender in order to pursue the Lord more deeply and experience Him in their lives more fully. We want to continue the work God has started this summer, and that means walking alongside one another through real life in order to support, encourage, and challenge one another to be more like Jesus. You don’t want to miss what God is going to do this fall!

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